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▲ Talking father and son (source = Pixar Bay)

Parenting is a difficult task that can be both rewarding and fulfilling, followed by heavy responsibility. The hope that a child will grow into a successful person with straight character is a common hope for parents around the world.

However, the child does not necessarily follow the parents' wishes. Especially in puberty, it is also rebellious for no reason, and it also shows the behavior to behave counter to the requirements of the parents.

Although this may be a temporary behavior, it is important to establish a relationship between parents and children because childhood parenting plays an important role in the child's self-development.

Creating a bond

Zenavibborn Rob, a clinical psychologist, said most parents underestimate the power they hear. Dr. Rob has helped families overcome their specific problems for more than a decade and helped them solve problems and taught them how to give meaning to relationships.

"It's better to build stronger ties than to use traditional discipline to control your children," he said. "It's likely that children will hear their parents if they form a bond."

"Just by listening to their children, they feel that their parents love and respect themselves," he added.

If you want to teach,

Dr. Bovie Wegner, Ph.D., of the Clinical Psychology Lab, said, "We must make a considerable effort to give parents a lesson in life for their children." Children tend to reject denominational parents as a rule. If children want to listen to their parents, parents need to hear their children first. "

"We have to be curious about our children's thoughts, not our own thoughts," he said. "We have to ask questions about the children's daily life and participate in a developmental and appropriate dialogue."

This means that parents should not be top-down on one-sided, but should be consultants who think about their children's problems.

▲ Mother and daughter who are building a relationship at meal time (source = Flickr)

Avoid questions

Dr. Rob said that children do not like to be asked questions. In particular, the majority of teenagers tend to avoid questions.

For natural conversation induction, children can get out before bedtime or in the car. Dr. Rob explained that parents should take this moment of connection seriously. Not all answers need to be done at once. Empathy and listening can be the greatest gift parents can give their children.

You must guide your child to the right path.

Have you ever counted the number of times your child responds negatively in one day? Surprisingly, there are a lot more criticisms and criticisms than praising children. It is easy to understand the position of children in the workplace. The negative attitude of the boss is a shortcut to lower the motivation and efficiency of the subordinates.

According to Kids Health, a site specializing in child health and education, it is important for parents to keep their children well or to raise them properly. Praise is an important child care method because it motivates children to do the right thing. Kids Health emphasized that parents should do their best to find a place to praise their children.

Also, you should be generous to embrace and love as well as praise. When you move into direct action, the power of love is enormous. Children who feel the love and interest of their parents volunteer to make good behavior.

▲ Mother and daughter (Source = Pixie)

Parents must carry out what they preach to their children

If the children want to trim their beds every morning, parents should first become a role model for their children. If you want to grow into a person who can recover quickly and not be frustrated when your children face difficulties, it's okay to sometimes look like a mess in front of your child. This is because it is an opportunity to show what to do after failure.

Court camp psychotherapist said that "the behaviors that parents see for children will reach much more meaning than words."

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