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If you are a parent, you are always anxious about your child. Parents, especially those who raise young babies, sometimes feel doubtful and feel anxious. Watching all the baby's developmental process and change and keeping the eye on the baby for a moment, volunteers the perfectionist.

Apps based on the scientific principles developed by a few start-up companies can help novice parents who are difficult and difficult to nurture. Sometimes, apps are more curious than pediatricians.

Parenting, now the age of 'parenttech'. Introducing typical start-up apps to help novice parents.


The ParanTune website, launched by Nitin Fan Dei in 2012, is available on both desktop and mobile. Paran'tune is an online parenting community for parents seeking child care tips and advice. In Paranchten, you can get real-time answers to parenting questions.

Identify all members' identities and provide content and information tailored to their needs. The site is basically free, and you can apply for paid consulting if you want.

Zen Parent

According to an Indian corporate tutorial, Genparent publishes articles with tips and advice on parenting. Nutrition, health, psychology, child development and child care. Genparent has a dedicated team of specialists who can consult with their parents. Sufriya Hiruma Gharra and Binai Lao have renewed the company, which was founded in 2014, and have invested $ 500,000.

ProMamz * (Promomz *)

Founded in 2011 in UAE, ProMamZ is an online community for women who want to catch all three rabbits: work, leisure, and life.

A platform designed to help women achieve their jobs, mothers find jobs and share childcare tips with ProMams. ProMamz allows mothers to introduce full-time and part-time jobs, share and review recipes with each other.

In addition, various information can be posted and stored in the platform, which can be used as an organizer tool.

Sacha Books

Sakata Books is the start-up that was established in 2011 by Samer, Chantal Youssef, and Shaidi Yasushi in Egypt. The purpose of the Sakha Books iOS app is to make sure parents are interested in educating their children on smartphones.

The Sakha Books app provides a digital library full of books for children. It also provides the ability to review what you have learned through activities such as puzzles and games after reading a book.


For parents who believe that reading should be read as a paper book, Mantaad borrows paper books for a period of time. Of course, it is limited to children's books. According to the content group 왐da, Mantaad was founded in 2012 by Reina Aviregbe and Luba Aspó in Jordan, operates an online library and offers books for children and teenagers at low cost. If you apply for a book, you can receive it within 24 hours.

There is also a regular subscription plan for families renting several books each month. If your child likes books too much, and you are worried about having to give them back, you can buy them at a lower price than books on the market.


The quiz is a new start-up Baby Nognin is a screening app that can monitor the child's cognitive development process. BabyNogin 's monitoring results are scored by the doctor' s ERM system, and parents can consult their physician about their child 's development status more conveniently and efficiently. For medical staff, accurate and quantified development status data can be effectively screened, which is helpful.

OyaLabs (Oyalabs) 'Otto'

Otto, an online publishing website medium, was founded by a neuroscientist Dr. Lamont Tang, a smart IoT device maker. Otto monitors the child's initial language exposure and monitors the child's early brain development through individualized testing resources. Until now, start-ups have focused mainly on the kidneys and physical development of children, Otto is one of the few tools to monitor the child's cognitive development process.

My Child App

This app, created by three college dropouts Hash Song Gra, Apri Ansari, and Shriya Srivastava in 2015, is a grateful app for finding diagnoses and diseases that can be diagnosed within 24 months of age.

Aiko and Egor

Founded by a group of autistic professionals from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), this start-up provides a video that promotes social communication for children based on scientific grounds and principles.

It provides entertainment through animation, and helps autistic spectrum disease (ASD) children improve their developmental capacity and sociality.

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