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Studies show that children who are tired or not attracted by their parents' attentive care and affection can enjoy the experience more and more specially.

Researchers at the University of Zurich in Zurich have looked at how children feel after they have been kidnapped, most of them felt that they have taken important steps in their life, and that they are more positive than the children they accept as negative.

Are you going to be your sister now when you get wet?

According to Stanford University Medical Center in the United States, babies begin to develop from birth. The development of the baby's teeth is greatly influenced by the nutritional status of the mother and the baby's nutritional status after birth. However, regardless of the nutrition status, all attractions are eventually dropped to give permanent teeth.

Babies can see through the mirror or touch with their fingers and feel the attraction. Usually, when the child reaches 6 years old, the child begins to fall out and the permanent tooth begins to grow. Researchers at the University of Zurich have published research showing that most of the children are happy and proud after such a serious event.

The researchers gathered questionnaires from 1,234 parents and found that 82% of respondents said their children had a positive response to withdrawal and 22% said they had a negative response.

Let's make our child into a fun, enjoyable experience

The researchers also investigated how dental experience affects children, to determine why 22% of children feel negatively about missing teeth.

According to the results of the survey, most of the children who admitted neglecting their childhood experience have had dentures due to tooth decay. This means that you feel guilty or shameful about missing teeth.

On the other hand, children who had experienced dental visits due to an accidental tooth problem did not admit neglect of dropping teeth.

However, the children who had been waiting for the expectation that they could become a bigger child when they were not attracted were the most positive to accept the absence of the bid. The researchers said that children will slowly fall out over time, so children who have long waited for the child to fall out feel more relief when the child is missing.

Differences in environment make a difference in child reactions

The researchers also explained that children's reactions differ depending on sociodemographic factors. The analysis of the socio - demographic factors showed that the higher the parents 'educational level, the more favorable the experience of the child' s withdrawal.

The researchers emphasized that factors such as parents' educational level, parenting style, and rules within the home have a major impact on how the child accepts child withdrawal.

"Children never forget their past experiences with teeth. This is a very important factor in the process of emotional development, "he said." Especially if you have cavities, you need to talk with your child carefully, "he advised.

How to Help Your Child's Emotional Development

The tooth is a tooth that slips away sometime, but careful care is needed. Make sure you brush your teeth and avoid tooth decay. It is because children can accept negatively that the tooth decays when tooth decay occurs. Parents can lead their child's positive emotional development by carefully controlling the child's attractiveness.

1. Avoid eating too much sweets. This not only helps to prevent tooth decay, but it also gives children the feeling of pride and joy that they have managed their teeth well.

2. Teaching the right way to brush. If children are over-forceful and brush their teeth, teeth can be injured. Correct brushing will allow your child to regain self-control and take responsibility for protecting teeth.

3. Avoid dental visits to be a frightening experience. Children do not like to go to the hospital, especially dentists are more afraid. However, there is no reason to be afraid of going to the dentist if you manage your child well.

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