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Parents who have or plan to have more than one child will worry about competition between their children. Competition and fighting often occur because of differences in personality, ability to show off, parental attention, and differences in life patterns.

It is good to encourage healthy and friendly competition among children, but if you leave too much competition, things can get worse. If unnecessary competition lasts for a long time, there will be hatred of the siblings and adverse side effects in the long run. Therefore, parental intervention is essential.

However, parents should be very careful about intercourse competition. As closest adults your children meet in your life, you must listen to them and accept them sincerely. There are some tips that can help you cope properly with your child's competition.

Make friends before birth

Before the first child has a brother, before the other child is born, the child should be accustomed to the fact that his brother is born soon. Show your son's ultrasound pictures on your mother's stomach and let your child touch the stomach frequently to feel the movements of the fetus. Showing a picture or video of a newborn baby can also help the child take good care of the baby later on.

Pay more attention to big kids

If you are having a party at home before the birth of your baby, you should make sure that the big child does not feel alienated in the process of preparing for the party. For example, if you buy baby supplies and decorate a corner of the house, prepare a small present for a big child. For a newborn baby, it is good to let the big baby untie the gift you received from other people so that you can become accustomed to baby goods. After the baby is born, let the big child join in child care. Give a big child or a bigger child a job called 'Mom's helper' so that the baby feels that he is not only a 'mother's baby' but also 'my brother'.

Distribute time

Big children also need parental attention and care. So do not spend too much time on your baby. In fact, this is not an easy problem. Moreover, to say to a big child, "Mom and Dad will spend the same time for you", it is possible for the child to think that 'I will share my mom and dad with my sister'. So it is impractical and unnecessary to mention it directly to the child or to share the time mechanically.

It is true that children need more attention to newborns than children, rather than children. But there are many ways to care for a little child while at the same time taking care of a big one. For example, newborn sling bags are essential. You can concentrate on the bigger child while holding the infant. Or when you feed your baby with milk or formula, tell the story to a big child and tell him that he is interested.

Positive experience cycle

As parents, we think that increasing the number of family members is enjoyable and exciting for existing children. But children put more emphasis on losing than they get. So when your mom spends time with the infant, let your dad or grandparent spend time with your existing child. If you concentrate on playing time with your dad or grandparent, you will notice a positive experience of having a 'dad, grandmother, grandfather' rather than a negative thought of 'taking your mom'.

Strengthen your child's bond

Educating children to bond with one another is a way to help their children coexist peacefully. You are less likely to be confronted with your liking and your liking. Also, if you learn how to get along with your children and play together, you will quickly get along with other children. As a person promoting harmony, parents should not intervene directly among children, but should help them build self-compatible relationships.

For example, they assign tasks to their children to be responsible. Housework or whatever is good. Also, when one of the siblings faces an injured or unpleasant situation, the other siblings should help. When you rebuke your children, they teach your children to cover each other. Have your children learn something about sports or study. And emphasize teamwork among your children. It is good to do work that needs common effort. Let your children sleep in the same room when they are young. At night, children are more open when they are alone in the room without parental intervention. If a child is afraid of darkness, it is more helpful to stay with children.

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