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Raising children as parents is a real challenge. The children make a lot of incidents by heartful curiosity, and always try to be patient by asking repeatedly the same questions as "why".

One more thing to add here is 'health'. It is parents' responsibilities and obligations to keep them healthy, but children do not eat as they want. How do you get on the table with the kids fighting every day?

Experts say children's strict eating behavior is completely normal. According to a study led by Dr. Betis Roussaras, almost 50% of parents perceived that children tend to be picky.

This is not a very sensitive issue, but it is a good idea to keep it as soon as possible to maintain healthy eating habits while growing. If not, it can cause malnutrition or other health problems.

However, it is not good to show too coercive behavior in teaching methods. It is necessary to slowly expose the various foods so that the children do not feel rejected by the food.

To eat healthy food

It is difficult for all parents to have a diet for their children. The most common food for children who are usually picky is vegetables. Adults Know how healthy vegetables are and provide good nutrients to children's bodies, but children can not accept this logic. It is not strange to like sweet ice cream, dessert, cake or pizza.

However, there is still a viable way to feed vegetables. Here are some of them.

1. Let your child participate in the diet. If you write this method in advance, you will not have to compete with your child at lunchtime later. It is actually effective for children to choose which foods to put in their meals and how to prepare them together.

It makes things like potatoes and carrots crumble or make them interesting, making them interesting and recognizing them as important decision makers in the diet.

2. There is a way to seduce the source. If you do not like vegetables, you can try to eat all the vegetables your children like, including mayonnaise, butter and egg sauce, and cheese sauce. After all, children can eat more vegetables than before.

3. It is also wise to raise your own vegetable garden. Whether it's a backyard or a garden on a small terrace, grow your produce and let your children experience a vegetable growing. In addition, active involvement in vegetable cultivation will create a sense of responsibility as well as a positive perception of vegetables.

A pleasant meal time

It is also good to make meals work for the entire family and make sure that your child expects meals. The important thing here is that you do not necessarily force or force children to eat vegetables or new foods. Instead, it can be a good start to have a small amount of curiosity to eat.

It is also recommended to parents not to concentrate on what their children eat and to enjoy the time they spend with meals. Never give pressure to children during mealtimes.

Handling with children and shopping at a grocery store can also be a great attraction for your child. Let's choose the vegetables to eat for the next meal directly at the store. If you want to eat spicy or irritating food, it is best to put as little spice or sauce as you cook.

It is effective to eat more home cooked food than processed food when you come back after finishing shopping and cook dinner or arranging table.

Because young children learn everything through their parents, instruction and preaching are not a requirement while preparing a meal together. Similarly, keep in mind that children who see their parents eating healthy foods are more likely to eat healthy foods themselves.

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