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[Parenting] How to feed healthy food to your unbalanced child


It is not easy for children to eat healthy food because there are many children who are struggling to eat food. Most children like sweet food like candy and chocolate, and easily fall into instant food such as ham and sausage, while vegetables are reluctant.

Since children who love vegetables are rare, some parents persuade them to eat vegetables before eating delicious snacks. But if your child wants to eat vegetables or fruits, you should set an example from your parents.

Children tend to feel uncomfortable because they feel that the taste of certain foods is not good because of the timing of the development of their senses. But for health, food is a very important factor.

Habit of eating healthy food

Forcing a child to eat good food is very difficult. Because of this, many parents give their children the food they want in order not to be stressed. In this case, however, it prevents children from developing healthy eating habits.

It is better to let the child tastes little by little, rather than letting them eat beans or turnips from the beginning, so that they can become more familiar with the taste.

You can add vegetables or sprinkle vegetable sauce to your favorite spaghetti or macaroni pasta.

If your child likes cheese, you may want to melt cheese over your vegetables for lunch or dinner, or sprinkle cheese over rice and asparagus to eat like pizza. If your child does not have lactose intolerance, it is also recommended to sow dairy products that reduce the bitter taste of vegetables and feed them together.

In the case of fruit, it is better to mix the various fruits together into a smoothie or shake instead of having the child forcefully eat one banana. It is also good to mix a little bitter vegetable with a fruit smoothie or shake. However, if you add sugar to these fruit drinks, your child will find more sweet foods and can cause obesity.

As a dessert, it is better to take a little strawberry jam with a low sugar content in the banana. When making sandwiches for your child, it is better to put fresh fruit on whole wheat bread than jelly or peanut butter and to apply jam with low sugar content.

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