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Parents of all infants know that their child will be two years old and face their face straight away and say 'no'. Some parents already know how difficult their child will be since childhood. Parents are embarrassed when children cry out in public, refusing to eat. Parenting blogger Stephanie Watson said "It is a difficult time for parents, especially since it is a time when children find themselves and want to be more independent." "Still limited communication skills is one of the reasons that make parents even more difficult. "He said.

Children are mature enough to understand that their behavior is important and influential. If you cry in front of your parents and get a toy, the child will cry every time you want to have a toy. Be careful when dealing with children at this time. If you treat them too generously, they will try to take advantage of your generosity. Conversely, if you are too oppressive or exercising force, you can cause more disruption in the future. For discipline, the appropriate level of balance must be found. There are a few tips to help you adjust your discipline.

If there is a sequence or routine you want your child to follow, you should train your child consistently to feel safe and controlled. Otherwise, it can be accepted as a rough and distorted situation. If the child is aware of what to do regularly after it happens, the child may be more mentally prepared and this increases the ability to cope with everyday activities a little easier and more fun.

"It's important to keep the same schedule every day," Watson said. In other words, it is necessary to set certain nap time, mealtime, and play time.

If there are any changes, you must talk to your child. It is not good to decide what to do without your child. Such decisions affect your children as well. Big decisions, such as moving or transfering, mean that your child has to adapt to a completely new environment, so it can alleviate the shock if you tell them in advance.

Avoid stress situations

At this stage, it is important that the parents know where their negative reactions originated. "Children usually have negative feelings when they feel hunger, sleepiness, and changes in their place," said Watson. "In these situations, it is most important to create a comfortable environment for the child."

Your child can go to bed more quickly if you consistently try to create an environment that keeps your child focused and calm. Also, it is good to shorten the time for your child to feel hungry. If you need to drive long distances with your infant child, be sure to take a healthy snack.

Unlike children and adolescents, infants do not clearly understand simple instructions and guidelines for appropriate behavior. It is important to understand this and to look at the situation from the infant's point of view. Instead of telling you what to do, you should tell them that you understand your child.

If you give your child a choice, your child feels your opinion is valid. Sometimes it is a good idea to ask for simple comments such as "What shoes do you want to wear", "What kind of things do you want to take to school"

Infants have a very short attention span and short attention span. This can be done in favor of the parents. It is important to draw their attention when switching from one action to another rather than warn them several times. Watson said, "Even if you told your child to quit, if your child keeps throwing a ball in the house and says, instead of telling you to stop again, you can change your mood to be more productive, It's good. "

It is easy to feel frustrated if your child does not obey the rules. However, the parents should realize that the child is too young to understand the parent's words. It is important to maintain tranquility even in the worst case. Never be too angry to control your emotions, beat a child, or make a loud noise. In this case, your best is to ignore and forget the situation that frustrates and annoys you.

Sometimes it is necessary to let go of yourself as a parent. When a child wears superhero pajamas and says that he is going to a mart or reads the same book ten times in a row, he does not stop the child and hears what he wants. Anger at minor things is easily tired of parents.

Remember that everyone is stressed through parenting and not all parents are perfect at dealing with every situation.

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