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[Health] Defensive? Healthy ‘cold recipe’

▲ Source = Wikimedia Commons

There are many ways to cook. Frying, baking, boiling, boiling, boiling, etc. And the bead method.

Suvida is a popular recipe since the 1970s. This is a method of putting food in a plastic bag, sealing it, putting it in water at a certain temperature and cooking it for a long time.

Suvid is written in French, Sous vide, meaning it is in a vacuum. Using this method, the ingredients are evenly ripe, unlike other recipes.

For example, when baking or frying food, usually the outside is more ripe than the inside. Also, when baked or fried for too long, food burns.

On the other hand, suvid recipes are not. The food can be cooked evenly at a perfect temperature so that it is not too ripe. Some high-end restaurants are already using the recipe for the beads.

In order to cook a bead, it is necessary to equip it with a proper pot or a professional bead cooker. But if you're going to steal Suvid dishes, it's worth the money.

Avoid using plastic containers because of concerns about environmental and health concerns.

If you cook a small amount, small containers are enough.

For example, you can use masons. Mason is a food preservation glass bottle, perfect for cooking eggs, cream bran, etc.

You can use a silicone bag instead of a plastic bag to cook meat or seafood. Good for environment and health than plastic bag.

You may also purchase a machine called a steve circulator online. This machine is a machine that can set temperature and time after attaching to a pot. Setting the temperature and time gradually raises the water in the pot to the right temperature. Then put the ingredients and wait for the set time. It is much smaller and cheaper than a professional water bead cooker.

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