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Child abuse is a serious social problem that is prevalent worldwide. Some parents are neglecting their children, not taking care of themselves, or physically abusing them. In the United States alone, 1,500 children die each year from these abuses. About 75% of victims were under 3 years old, and 78% were abused by their parents.

Unfortunately, child abuse continues unabated. Children who have experienced abuse from their parents can become a major problem as their physical and mental health may deteriorate in the future.

Signs of child abuse

Child neglect is the most common form of child abuse committed by parents. Other forms of neglect include medical or educational, physical and mental neglect. All children, regardless of gender, race, or family background, may be victims of this abuse, particularly those children who grow up in socioeconomically low-income families are three times more likely to have such abuse.

There are many different ways in which parents abuse their children. The act of beating a child as part of an object or body for the purpose of intentionally harming the child is, of course, abuse. It is also the abuse that kills, severely injures, or controls children with excessive physical constraints. Other threats that leave the child untouched and witness illegal activities or engage in it can be seen as a sign of child abuse. The same is true of allowing children to do activities that can be physically, emotionally, and sexually harmful.

In order to protect children from child abuse, many countries around the world have enacted laws to comply with them, but cases of abuse are increasing. A man living in California, for example, is accused of finding evidence of burn on his six-year-old child, and has recently been forced to undergo brain surgery after repeatedly beating a three-year-old child. However, there are still so many children who have not been reported and are still being abused by their parents.

Child neglect

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), children who are exposed to child abuse and neglect may have impaired early brain development and severe damage to the nervous system and the immune system. And these effects can last a long time. Here are some ways you can check for neglect of children.

1. Physical abuse: Abuse of parents by physical violence, such as hitting, kicking, or kicking a child excessively.

2. Emotional abuse: Although it is physically invisible, emotional abuse that can leave scars and wounds throughout life is also serious. In this case, parents or other members of the family are constantly blaming the child for the problem, abusing and abusing the child, and so on.

3. Sexual abuse: Sexual contact between an adult and a child, such as sexual intercourse, text messaging, sexual intercourse, or contact. This can affect the child's psychological and physiological development.

Child abuse prevention plan

Those who have experienced such abuse from their parents in their early childhood years are also able to continue to abuse their children. And this vicious circle can become widespread and spread as it leads to generation. Here are some ways to stop this bad cycle.

1. Overcoming Your Trauma: You are seeking professional help to overcome the trauma of your experience of being exposed to abuse at a young age. This not only helps to understand and accept the past, but also makes good decisions on how to raise children.

2. Avoid Severe Corporal Punishment: Physical punishment, such as slapping, shame and humiliating, in disciplining children should be avoided. This can hinder the child's physical and emotional development and have a negative impact.

3. Protecting Your Child from Others: Sexual abuse can occur within a family, but it can also be influenced by others. In fact, sexual abuse by strangers is actually a rarity, while sexual abuse between acquaintances is frequent. You should be able to protect your children from the doubtful people who may be abused as parents.

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