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The IQ is generally considered to be proportional to the grade. In other words, to be evaluated as having a high level of intelligence means that you need to improve your school record or achieve academic achievement that you think is smarter than your age.

However, there is a tension between some parents and their children due to the concept of thinking intelligence as the basis of academic achievement. Children are more interested in creativity than smarter.

Some people think that intelligence itself is raised outside the classroom. They argue that children's creativity should be developed from childhood.

Why is it important to raise a child creatively?

According to Alison Wilson, an educator and curriculum developer, creativity is an important element for a person to grow into an adult.

"Thinking creatively is different from others, cooperating with others and growing up to be a confident adult," said Wilson. "In modern society where innovation is important, technology of thinking is creatively important."

For adults, this creativity leads to success in the workplace. Breaking stereotypes and giving different perspectives to things and making solutions to problems that can not be solved.

How to make sure your child is a natural child

Everyone has inner creativity, but some children have better artistic or creative ideas than others. According to Reyes Smart, a parenting site, there are a few signs that parents can observe their children. This shows that your child has natural creativity.

1. Your child has a habit of creating something new with ordinary things.

2. Your child intuitively solves the problem.

3. Your child is special or independent.

4. Your child likes to make things like music, art, and stories.

5. Your child has a tendency to imagine.

While this trait is characteristic of others and other creative children, some children may be inherently creative. Children who are not creative can also develop creativity.

How to grow as a creative child

Just as some people are academically smarter than others, creativity tends to be seen as inherent and genetic traits that others can not follow. This is expressed by musical talents, artistic talents, and talents playing with language.

These talents can be cultivated, and it is possible to cultivate them as creative children. It should raise the children's artistic interest, encourage them to make various things, and create an environment that maximizes their potential.

Creativity can be limited by genetic factors, but it can also be developed through environmental means. For example, if your child is exposed to a certain type of music at a particular age, interest in this type of music can continue until you become an adult. The same method can be applied to a child interested in visual arts or a child who wants to grow up as a creative artist.

How Parents Can Raise Their Children's Creativity

1. Prepare a book for your child to read.

2. Create an environment surrounded by various types of art, music, paintings, and literature.

3. Provide tools such as blocks, papers, musical instruments, etc. so that children can create a variety of things.

4. Encourage the children to ask questions.

5. Encourage your child to have your own creative interest.

6. Involve your child in activities that can reveal his / her abilities.

7. Rather than judge your child's creations, support the results.

8. Make enough space for your child's talents.

9. Allow your child to participate in competitions related to your interests so that you can develop your abilities.

It is also important that parents tell their children the value of their failure. You should also be able to support and understand the experience of failure so that your child does not lose his passion for art.

Parents should also look carefully at institutions such as schools that can suppress their children's creativity and support them in a safe place where creativity can be developed.

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