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It is not easy to care for a baby who can not express clearly.

When you first become a parent, you may be embarrassed because you do not know what your child wants. Even if you have experienced a nephew or a cousin, you have to take care of your own child.

Living Information Media Greater Good Magazine said, "If the parents are not aware of the problems they are likely to encounter, or if they have to solve all the problems in a single home without getting help, the problem can be quite large."

What the novice parents expect

Parenting is a miscalculation if you think the couple is perfect happiness together. I can not always be happy. This is a normal step for beginner parents.

Let's take a look at the example of Tarah Michel in Florida. "My husband was very hateful for the first three months after giving birth," Michelle said. If our relationship was not good, we would not have been through all of that. "

Joyce, who lives in Ontario, explained a similar situation. She said, "Life before I had a child was a blessing," she said. "After the birth of the third, we have had many conflicts."

Tara and Joyce are some of the many married couples who have faced problems after childbirth. But some of these problems arise because of expectations. The media depicts the life of a brilliant mother wearing a designer 's clothes and holding a cute child. Every day, she wears diapers, feeds them on time, and misses a novice mom.

Tina B. Tessina, a psychotherapist, said, "Even couples looking for their first child are disappointed when they face the reality of child care." Also, childcare can have a significant impact on marital relations. Most couples have frequent conflicts about the responsibilities of childcare.

Another problem that new parents face is adapting to new roles. Many women still leave their jobs when they have children and become full - time housewives. The decision itself is also difficult, but every time you are tired of childcare, you may turn your husband to the cause of your career interruption.

Also, after giving birth, all the interests of the couple are attracted to the child. It is important to establish intimacy between the couple. The intimacy of a couple who cares for a child is a driving force to resolve conflicts.

If you leave the problem without solving it, the situation can get worse. It is important to identify the factors mentioned above and to resolve conflicts at an early date.

How to be a good parent

There are several ways to be a good starter parent.

1. Have realistic expectations. The life of a family is always a rainbow, and butterflies do not fly. You should not embrace your role as a parent and express your anger to others. Sometimes the relationship with a friend can be aroused by parenting. But if you are a true friend, you will understand the present situation.

2. You should not be stressed on anything. Many child-rearing experts said, "If you are a parent with a child, it's something you have to suffer anyway, so you can be tired when you are stressed." "It's better if you have difficulties if you have to suffer."

3. Childcare is not a competition. The novice mothers make a mistake comparing the child of another person with their child. But children were born with their own strengths. Therefore, it is the parenthood to watch with love.

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