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The right balance between work and family is a matter to be established by all households, but the importance of home work is emphasized.

Spruce, an American lifestyle website, said it is important for home-based parents to balance their lives and careers.

Especially, in case of an unexpected situation occurring during telecommuting, the family should solve the problem through prior appointment or consultation.

▲ Establish basic principles agreed by all family members for effective telecommuting (Source: Pixar Bay)

The need for basic rules

For effective telecommuting, the basic principles agreed by all family members should be established. This applies to both children and parents, and specific action guidelines should be established specifically for young children.

If you combine work and parenting without rules, you can not concentrate properly on your work, but you can also worry about a child who is working with your parents. Therefore, the guidelines should be clear and understandable to the family.

The basic principle promised from the beginning is kept, and it is necessary to cope flexibly when there is a situation that can not be tapped in the situation with the child. It takes a long time to build an environment that can perform telecommuting proficiently. A child's crying is a factor that can interfere with parental work.

In addition, it is not easy to concentrate on work because it seems to take care of things such as the seemingly obvious housework and the child's homework. All these things need to be controlled so that successful telecommuting is possible. If you have the ability to block all the elements that interfere with your work, telecommuters will be as efficient as working in the office.

Before deciding on basic rules, you should consider both how you work at home and how many hours a day you work. In general, when working at home, working time is shorter, but you can do more because you can work anytime. Above all, it is the family time that telecommuters should consider important.

On the positive side, when working at home, parents have many opportunities to balance work and family balance. Telecommuting is a way to get personal rest while you are near children. This requires smart multitasking.

Telecommuter characteristics with unclear rest

If you have a lot of work to do, the psychological burden will come up. As parents who need to take their child's schedule and take them to various play facilities, it can add to the job responsibilities and make them nervous. In addition, due to the nature of the work environment, commuting time is unclear, so it may be necessary to keep working until late at night.

Volunteering and fundraising

Due to the nature of telecommuting, there are many requests for volunteering and fundraising. Due to the flexible and flexible form of work, it is often a request made by neighbors or colleagues.

If you do not make a wise decision at this time, the time management system can collapse. It is true that telecommuting has brought you closer to your child's school and other institutions, but you have to imply that it does not mean that you can spend time on unnecessary activities.

Parents who work from home do not need to expand on themselves, but there is no evidence that they do not have to work because of volunteering. However, if you are planning to volunteer or raise money at your child's school, ask yourself a few questions before you agree to find out if your work is going well.

Meanwhile, many telecommuters are now looking for people to care for their children. How many nurseries and what kind of institutions are needed is different for every household.

The Effect of Part-Time Care

Part-time working parents prefer part-time childcare. Childcare services are also important for regular parents who can work flexibly. It is also used by home business operators and freelancers. In the case of self-employed workers, this allows them to concentrate their work, shortening the working hours and taking care of their children when they are not working.

The Effect of Full-Time Care

Telecommuters working full time need day-to-day care. They have to take responsibility for what they have promised to their employer, as well as care for their children. If you have a place to leave your children all day, you can sometimes go to the office and travel. This leads to efficient business schedule management.

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