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[Health] What is the timing of ‘pregnancy addiction’ and the three major symptoms?


What symptoms does pregnancy addiction really have?

After 20 weeks of gestation, most of the three features are characterized by hypertension, edema, and proteinuria.

Two of these symptoms are pregnancy addiction. Most hypertension occurs first, even if edema and proteinuria occur.

The time of onset occurs after 20 weeks of gestation. If the disease occurs early, the disease becomes worse as time goes on and the possibility that it will not be able to last until the full term becomes a big problem.

Causes of pregnancy addiction

I have been called pregnancy addiction in the past because I think I am addicted to something during pregnancy, but the cause and mechanism of the disease have not been elucidated yet. The most characteristic symptom is hypertension.
When hypertension occurs, it also has an adverse effect on vascular damage and nutritional status.

What if you have pregnancy addiction?

If pregnancy addiction has occurred, stability is of paramount importance. Relieving maternal relaxation does not prevent or treat pregnancy addiction completely, but it is effective in suppressing the development or delaying the deterioration.

Blood pressure is normal, but even for women who are worried about edema due to severe edema, it is known that stable edema can be reduced to a certain extent and the occurrence is reduced a little. When you lie down and lift your legs, swelling of your legs is greatly reduced.

It also promotes the growth of the fetus, and if it is severe, it should be stable in a quiet place.

Nutrition management is also essential. Protein replenishment and iron fixation prevent anemia and eat as much salt as possible. Also, it is recommended that you take proper amount of water, and hospitalize for maternal body care so that you can get the most stable body.

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