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Tiger parenting refers to parenting styles that apply strict rules at home. Parents' expectation for their children is very high, so that their children have additional regular extracurricular activities in the school, and in the home, they have a hard schedule with a hard schedule. These parents believe that their child wants to excel in all subjects at school and his grades lead to success.

After the publication of Amy Chua's book "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" in 2011, the word "Tiger Parenting Law" became popular. This book was selected as New York Times bestseller with the attention of authoritative parenting methods of Asian countries such as China.

The book deals with the way Chinese and Western cultures are compared, and this kind of parenting is also called 'tough parenting'.

Characteristics of Tiger Parents

These parents do not tolerate the failure of their children. I want my child's ability to be excellent and hope to be the best in peer groups. Children must strive to overcome difficulties in all aspects of their studies.

Tiger mothers are pretty tricky. They pressure children to learn to play instruments such as piano and violin. If the grades are low, the child is punished. Many of these parents require their children to watch TV or play games on weekdays and to conduct review or prior learning.

Difference between Tiger Parenting and Helicopter Parenting

According to clinical psychologist Lisa Damour, helicopter rearing and tiger rearing are different concepts. Helicopter parents think that their children will not be able to cope with difficulties, but tiger parents have direct difficulties for their children. Unlike a helicopter parent who prevents a child from experiencing difficulties, a tiger parent causes the child to undergo a difficult process for the child's success.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tiger's Parenting Law

Advantages : Children who receive tiger parenthood are smart and competitive. Children who are raised to strict and perfection-seeking parents are polite and goal-oriented. They know how to overcome difficulties and are familiar with solving problems on their own. It is independent and has many tricks in many ways.

According to the New York City University Queens College survey, published in Medical Daily, tiger discipline is a successful way to raise children. According to the survey, Chinese and Western children had the same test scores, but the diligence of Chinese children led them to success.

Disadvantages : Even if these parenting laws are effective, they can lead to psychological harm to children.

British psychiatrist Dr. Holan Liang says parental recognition has a significant impact on the child's self-esteem. However, the child feels bitterness if he or she recognizes the child only when the child's performance is good.

In addition, the children lack social capacity. Because parents do not tolerate failure, children make every effort to achieve unrealistic goals.

Tiger parents try to steer rather than encourage their children, and some children think they can not reach their expectation, no matter how best they can. In many cases, parents feel that they are not receiving love and full affection.

Children are trying to push themselves to meet their parents' expectations, and they are guilty of not being perfect with one mistake.

In particular, this behavior may lead to maladaptive perfectionism that increases the risk of anxiety, depression, and suicide.

Advice on Tiger Parenting

Your child is not the center of the world. Do not forget that there may be children who are always better or worse than your child. It is more important to give the child a chance than to pressure it to always be the best.

Set realistic goals and discover your child's talents together and talk. You should set reasonable and achievable goals so that the children do not drive themselves.

You should show affection to your child and motivate your child in a positive way. Explain that grades can not define children's values. Tell your child that you are proud of something trivial.

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