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[Parenting] What is the correct attitude to cope with children’s fighting?

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The child may get involved in the fight at least once. The children will not hurt each other's bodies, but they will argue who is better. In this case, the parents' first reaction is to stop the fight immediately. Parents will be punished to ask their children to apologize to each other or to look at the walls in the sense of reflecting on their behavior.

But Dr. Sara Zaske, who wrote a paper entitled "Parenting the German Way: Let the Children Fight," should let the children fight each other and release their anger. He said. According to Dr. Zasuke, parents and teachers in Germany do not intervene in their fight unless the children are hurt each other. This is because children think that they can solve problems and reconcile themselves.

"Teachers are watching the children fighting and occasionally intervening in their children's brawl, letting them decide what they want," Dr. Zasuke said.

Of course, there are times when children do not fight at all. This situation is mainly happening in Japan. According to a study of American and Japanese students comparing fights, fighting or other situations, 92% of American students said they do not want to be punished for a fight. On the other hand, Japanese students said that they should not be involved in the fight because they can harm other students. Michelle Woo, an expert on this subject, said in an interview with the media that "Japanese students have learned wisdom and maturity through their life experiences."

On the other hand, parents can go out to solve their problems, but there are times when they need to let their children solve problems themselves. However, you must always keep an eye on your children to lead them to the right path, and be an example of kindness. It is also good to have a separate place for your children to express their emotions.

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