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[Pet] Dog service type

▲ Source = Wikimedia Commons

Dogs are the best companions to humans. In addition to emotional areas, dogs actually help people work. "Every service dog strives to help people," Pet MD, a pet journalist, said in an article. Working dogs, 'service dogs' are largely assisted, structured, supported by personal activities, and dogs are sledding.

Assistive dogs are trained to help people with mental and physical disabilities. These dogs help the owner to enjoy a more independent life. Pet MD noted that Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever are commonly used varieties for guard dogs. Samoyed, Collie, and others can also be support dogs. Dogs used in search and rescue work in difficult and diverse environments. The rescue dogs must have physical strength and be intelligent and skilled. The most popular varieties used in the structure are St. Bernard, Portugal's Water Dog and Newfoundland.

Dogs that can be bodyguards protect individuals and homes. These dogs are highly trained, strong, smart, and devoted to their masters. In order to breed these breeds as dogs, the owner must have confidence and discretion in dealing with them. Doberman, Boxer, Standard Schnauzer, and Giant Schnauzer are used. There is also a dog that can keep private land. In addition to protecting the owner and the house, guard dogs can protect private land. Such guard dogs are suitable for mastiffs, bull mastiffs, lot wylers, cormons, Anatolian shepherd, and great pyrenees. There are also dogs that pull out sleds. These dogs work in cold places. Pet MD said, "Popular sled dogs include Samoyed, Siberian Husky, and Alaska Malamute."

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