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Summer is approaching and the day is getting hotter day by day. This is a good time for outdoor activities on the beach or in the valley. However, it is a bit hard season for dogs who like outdoor activities regardless of the weather. It is so hot that we can not go out in the middle of the day.

Veterinary specialists said that if the temperature goes up to 40 degrees Celsius, neurological changes occur in the pets. Because animals are very sensitive to heat.

The dog's normal body temperature is 38.5 to 39.5 degrees. It is a bit higher than people. However, when a dog is exposed to excessive heat, body temperature can rise by more than 40 degrees. And if it lasts for a long time, there will be neurological changes such as seizures and excessive tremors.

So on an extremely hot day, dogs may experience heat stroke or dehydration, so be careful. Both symptoms require prompt action.

Symptoms of heat stroke include elevated body temperature, mild breathing, excessive sneezing, fatigue, depression, muscle cramps, paralysis, and staggering.

If the dog feels heatstroke, make sure to put the cold towel on the abdomen and lay the dog in a resting position and contact the veterinarian.

Symptoms of dehydration are more difficult to detect. Dehydration around the eyes, dry mouth, depression and coma should be suspected. You can also see how quickly the puppy 's neck is folded back and how quickly its skin re - stretches to show signs of dehydration. If you suspect that your dog is suffering from dehydration, try to find a vet immediately.

How to Protect a Dog from Summer Heat

There is a way to protect your dog safely and coolly in hot summer.

First, the puppy should be able to drink cool, clean water at any time. It is good to float ice in a dog's water bowl.

And even if you are out of sight, let the puppy come into the house during the hot summer. The kennel can be warmer than we think.

Avoid walking at midday. Instead, it is better to work in yard, grass, dog pool, etc.

Let the walk take place after the sun goes down and the asphalt has cooled down to some extent.

▲ Dog licking ice cream (source = Flickr)

Before you go out for a walk with the dog, place your hand on the floor to see how much of the asphalt's temperature is. If the floor is too hot, the puppy may be burned. Also, since you do not know the exact temperature when you tackle for a while, let's put your hands on the asphalt for about 30 seconds. The soles of the dogs are very susceptible to burns.

When a puppy is not trying to move, pulling the collar to pull the puppy off may cause the puppy to be injured on the soles.

If the dog does not want to walk, or if he / she lickes his / her foot excessively, he / she may have burned his / her foot. If the soles are blistered or the soles are severely reddened, the veterinary clinic will take necessary measures to avoid infection.

If you want to protect your dog 's soles more thoroughly, you can practice putting shoes on your puppy. However, it is highly likely that the dog will refuse to wear shoes. So if you want to put your shoes on a puppy, you have to be patient for a long time.

Be especially careful with two dogs.

Doodle dogs are short dogs. These dogs are more difficult to overcome heat than muze dogs.

This is because the shorter the snout is, the shorter the respiratory tract is. According to experts, only two dogs inhale a much smaller amount of air when breathing than the other dogs.

Because of the facial bones, prayer and study dogs are so narrow that it is difficult to get sufficient oxygen in both dogs.

Famous dogs are French Bulldog, English Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Pug, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Shishu.

If your dog is a monogamous species, you should take special care in summer. Keep puppies in easy access to water at all times, and have cool mat or marble so that puppies can climb up and rest. If the puppy is breathing out or looking for a rest, it is better to avoid the body in the shade and return home soon.

If the puppy feels warm inside the house, use an air conditioner or a fan. However, dogs should not be left alone with fans or air conditioners turned on.

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