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▲ Dachshund is the best if you want a cute but reliable puppy (photo = ⓒ Wikimedia Commons)

Dachshund's characteristic personality is a topic among dogs. Especially cute looks and brave personality attracts charm.

Dachshund's unique personality

Animal behavior specialists can also challenge other puppies, people, and animals that are much brave than dachshunds, as described in Hillspot's article. Therefore, if the dachshund is not socialized even if it is small, it tends to be aggressive when a potential threat or risk is applied.

Among the owners and enthusiasts of Dachshund, there are some who claim that there is a difference in character among Dachshund varieties. According to these assertions, the longhaired shamrocks are more calmer and the dachshunds of burgundy fur are more active than the shortshirts.

Another noteworthy feature of Dachshund is that it is very frequent and barky. If you leave your dachshund alone at home, you should be careful because you do not know what they are smashing. This trait is attributed to the fact that Dachshund was crossed for the purpose of helping hunting.

Dachshund varieties originate in Germany hundreds of years ago. They were crossed to hunt wild badgers and attached from the German word "Ducks", which means Badger, and "Hund", which means puppy.

They were trained in mating and hunting based on their physical characteristics. Dachshunds have strong, short legs that can be found by digging badges such as badgers. It is also possible to enter the hideout of hunting through its natural size and abilities. There are also larger dachshund varieties trained for fox and deer hunting.

▲ Dachshund can fit well with big breeds and people (photo = Max Max Pixel)

It is also being raised for hunting purposes in some parts of Europe. In North America, it is considered a home pet or puppy. Dachshund is one of the most loved and popular varieties in the American Dog Association.

According to Eichardtus, dachshunds are largely classified into three moths: short hair, long hair, and wire hair. These three qualities are allowed in the show. The pattern of hair is made up of 15 colors and 6 patterns.

Dachshund fur color is black, light tan and chocolate, chocolate and tan, red, wheat, black and cream. Combinations include black and white speckles, sables, spotted speckles, double speckles, tricolor spots, and tricolor speckles.

▲ Dachshund breed is named compound word for hound dog (photo = ⓒ Pixar Bay)

How should I take care of Dachshund?

Dachshunds can be vulnerable to disk problems because their waist is elongated. It can be dangerous for a dachshund to live in the environment if there are stairs in the house or elsewhere.

However, if you decide to raise dachshunds, be careful not to jump the dachshund at the higher points where it can cause furniture, stairs, stairs, and other injuries. It is always a good idea to help Dachshund keep his weight as he goes around the house.

In the case of quality management, hair loss of dachshunds is on average. Depending on the type of dachshund, the criteria for proper management will vary slightly.

Wire coat dachshunds must be pushed at least twice a year, and for the long haired dachshunds, brush and brush every day. In the case of the short-haired dachshund, the amount is less than that of the other species, so it is enough to comb or strok from time to time.

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