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[Pet] Dog neutering surgery, should I do?


An animal lover adopted a lovely Great Dane and brought it home. To check whether the new dog has any health problems, it is time to make an appointment with the animal clinic. However, my colleagues who love dogs around me are constantly asking me if they plan to do neutering surgery. 'Neutralization surgery', is it okay?

"Neutralization surgery is a kind of infertility surgery that controls the reproductive ability of males," DogTime said in an article. This process can be helpful to the owner as well as the puppy.

Dogs that have undergone neutralization surgery are less likely to suffer from health problems such as testicular cancer or prostate disease. Testosterone is also reduced, making it much warmer. Less barking than a dog that has not undergone neurosurgery. Dogtime added, "As the testosterone levels drop, aggression and area-defense behaviors also decrease."

Neutralization surgery should be performed after 8 weeks of age. Be careful because if you are too late, you may have an offensive tendency that is unique to males. You should consult your veterinarian thoroughly before you decide on the surgery. Also, some dogs may be slow to grow after surgery. This is because testosterone decreases and affects bone growth.

You do not have to be so surprised that your puppy suddenly starts eating after surgery. A dog that has undergone surgery can eat more food than usual because of the different hormone secretions. Do not be embarrassed at this time, such as eating the usual amount of snacks and reduce the obesity is not careful. If appropriate attention is given, puppies will soon return to their normal diet.

If the incision is widened or the dog feels painful after surgery, it should be seen by the veterinarian immediately. Also, plastic dogs should be worn for 24 hours, as dogs often have a delayed recovery if they lick their wounds.

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