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It takes considerable effort to raise a beloved guinea pig. A meticulous guinea pig wants to know what his master is. Guinea pigs want their owners to stay focused on their own interests.

Guinea pigs feel alienated and depressed if they do not receive the attention of their owners. So you have to devote to raising sensitive guinea pigs. As part of that effort, you can make the most of your nest. It is also necessary to have space for other guinea pigs to live with a large enough space for the guinea pig to exercise.

When we make guinea pigs, we must consider size and location, temperature, and accessibility with the owner. There are also three other factors that you should keep in mind for creating a guinea-pig-friendly home: other guinea pigs that can grow together with space and the material of the trees used to make us.

Create a space for your activities

Guinea pigs are naturally active animals. This creature likes to wander around in the cage. Movement is also quick. And guinea pigs like to hide. Sometimes it does not move for a long time in a certain place.

The movement and routine of guinea pigs are inconsistent, making it difficult to predict activity. Therefore, we should have sufficient space for their activities. In addition, we should remove the obstacles to the movement of guinea pigs so that they can move safely.

According to the American Animal Protection Agency, raising most of the guinea pigs depends on the floor area. Guinea pigs also have a habit of climbing high places and digging oysters. Therefore, a good nest for guinea pigs is designed for all activities of guinea pigs.

Of course, it does not require an area to accommodate unnecessary movement of guinea pigs. However, it is necessary to have enough movement and active space to prevent unnecessary medical situations. Guinea pigs lacking momentum are more likely to have heart disease and diabetes.

Suitable wood material

Guinea pigs are rodents. Because rodents continue to grow, rodents bite, chew and eat everything around them innately. We put all the toys into us, and cages are no exception.

Therefore, we need to make us with wood of safe material. In other words, it must be harmless enough to bite the guinea pig.

The material trees harmless to rodents such as guinea pigs are fruit trees, willows and vines. A fruit tree like apple or hazelnut is a good material for us to use as a guinea pig.

Trees belonging to apricots are harmful to rodents. There are almonds, cherries and peaches in the trees that belong to the apricot.

Good guinea pig friends for guinea pigs

Raising a guinea pig as a pet is different from raising a common pet. Guinea pigs need to have other guinea pigs around them to feel a sense of security and comfort.

Guinea pigs were basically temperamental. If these guinea pigs like their space, they will express infinite joy and trust. Therefore, we must satisfy the euphoria. In other words, how to put other guinea pigs next to each other is the way to make guinea pigs the safest environment. However, if you play too many guinea pigs, it becomes difficult to play together.

According to the animal protection group Blue Cross, it is good to put together a small group of the same sex within the same one. However, in the case of guinea pigs, pairing males and females can give dynamics in the cage, so they should not be given the same sex guinea pigs.

Finally, to create the best possible space for guinea pigs, you should consider positioning the cage in the house.

First, because the guinea pig is sensitive to sound, you should not place the cage in a noisy area. Second, if you put a cage in your living room, your guinea pig will get the feeling of being protected and accepting the activity of people's movement. Finally, avoid high temperature locations. Excessive heat can lead to heat stroke.

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