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Vassenji is a small dog, and features a sound like yodeling instead of barking (Photo = ⓒ Wikimedia Commons)

There are many varieties of dogs that can be raised at home. Many people choose dogs that will share their lifetime together, taking into account their preferred appearance, behavioral temperament, size, and other important determinants. Among them, Basenji is a breed suitable for breeding in small houses these days, and Basenji, a small dog, is also famous as a dog that does not bark.


Basenji is characterized by a very sensitive and sensitive sense of smell and vision as a hedgehog. Weight is about 9.5 ~ 11kg for males and 9.5 ~ 10kg for females. The average height of the average male is 43cm, and the female is only about 40cm. Life expectancy is about 12-14 years.

For physical conditions, the energy level is very high. It is recommended that you participate in exercise or physical training through frequent outdoor activities, at least 40 minutes a day. It boasts an active amount of exercise due to the nature of being raised for hunting. Hair color varies from black to tan, brown to red, and the tip of the breast and tail and feet are white. The hair is short, but the texture is very soft.

In addition to this, the ears that are stretched up and the wrinkles carved on the forehead, long legs, tightly tails, and shorts are physical characteristics. Especially long legs play a role in increasing agility and speed.

Perhaps the greatest feature of the Basilica is that it does not bark. But it does not do it at all. It growls or makes a different sound.


Basil is characteristic of hunting dogs, but is not treated as a hunting-only breed. Small size, agility, and aggressive personality are also very helpful for staying with the family. It is also vigorous and energetic, so if you have enough outdoor space to release all of this energy, it is appropriate to raise it. For reference, females have an estrus period of about once a year, about 8 ~ November.

The tendency is very protective. It is desirable to be exposed to the socialization process since childhood and to engage and interact with many different people. Especially if you have a lot of people visiting your home, you should get accustomed to people or other animals early enough to be easily excited and surprised.

In the case of hair care, maintenance is easy because of its short length. However, when cleaning, it is advisable to brush it once or twice a week to keep it clean. The bath is also clean, so you do not need to do it often. It has a habit of grooming itself licking its hair like a cat.

▲ Ancient Egyptian tombs are believed to have a history of about 5,000 years, as evidences of similar veils have been unearthed (Photo: ⓒ Wikimedia Commons)

Temperament and personality

Basenji is a very loving and loving breed to live with the family. Sometimes it seems to be a dull move to strangers and it is not easy to watch out. Although initially raised through hunting, when socialized at an early age, it can adapt and interact well with other dogs. Of course, sometimes the same piece may not fit properly.

Intelligence is also high. It is a good idea to have a firm, decisive, and consistent attitude to training. You should never make it boring or boring, but you should also exercise patience and creativity to get the best results. Also, you should keep an eye on it, because if you get a little less watchful, you can quickly notice the habit of chewing other furniture or selling the land. It also has a reputation for not barking, but it can be noisy with a distinctive sound like yodel as described above. Let 's also note that we go up high as a cat.


Basil is one of the oldest varieties on the planet. It is believed to have existed for over 5,000 years since ancient Egyptian walls and graves were found to have carvings shaped like the Basilica. It was also called the Congo in 1937 when it was first introduced to Britain in 1937. By the 20th century, British breeders were upgraded and exported to all over the world. In 1941, the birth of the first barbarian in the United States, two years later, the Basque Club was formed throughout the United States and became popular. One year later, it was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1944.

It was first discovered in Central Africa before it was discovered by British expeditions. At that time, he played a role in guiding the forest with the locals. It is reputed to be a very good forest guide dog by telling guardians immediately when dangerous animals are near by the forest.

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