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A dog is literally a human companion. The role of the companion has long been extended from a friend who is already affectionate, to a visually impaired guide, to drug detection, and to dogs. Recently, it appeared in the library for young children. Let's see their infinite power.

Improving children's learning

The Eckhart Public Library in the United States runs a fun program for children every Saturday. When children read a book in a loud voice, there are puppies that listen to it right next to it. All of these puppies belong to a therapeutic dog training program at the Auburn Hills Animal Hospital, which hears as a listener for children with learning disabilities. The goal of treatment is to improve reading skills.

Roxie Pajit, a hospital employee, explained that the most important part of the program is comfort. There are no puppy dogs playing side by side when children read books. It makes an indifferent look, similar to the fact that dogs are put into the nursing home for the elderly.

In the nursing home, the dog said that the dogs are the ones that revive the memory of childhood. However, even if a puppy does not have a visible role, only good dogs that have passed all two rigorous tests can participate in this learning therapy program.

The first is Caine Good Citizen (CGC), a 10-step action-related program, in which puppies must be friendly and accommodating to strangers approaching them. Also, the body should be well maintained, and should be able to walk comfortably. They also have a variety of responsibilities, such as sitting and calling, and they belong to basic obedience exercises that can be learned at home.

The second is a test associated with a therapeutic dog or nursing home volunteer, a hospital, or other institution. In particular Therapeutic Dogs International TDI (Therapy Dogs International) conducts an additional 13 tests, such as check-in simulations, surprises such as noise or sudden falls away, interaction with patients in crutches or wheelchairs, . Founded in 2012, TDI has about 24,000 dogs to date.

Resolve Stress at the End of Term

Therapeutic dogs can not only help young children and elderly people who are weak in mind and body. The University of Utah's Dixie State University used dogs to relieve stress on students.

At the end of the semester, college students are likely to be stressed with the test, but it is also a time of desperation for them to lower their blood pressure and relax. The dogs are not barked or excited because many people are trained to touch themselves and to respond in a calm manner.

Mountain structure

Some dogs actively participate in avalanches and landslides, and detect and rescue. Particularly as the ski season is approaching, some ski resorts have these mountain rescue dogs. Two snowmobs in Colorado, Nova Scotia Duct Rolling Retriever and one Labrador Retriever, work with the patrol team. The Aspen Sking Company runs a mountaineering rescue dog program, including Snowmass here and a few places in Aspen, where they can join forces with the patrol officers to make their way into the mountain structure.

The mountainous rescue dogs, which are many times more sensitive than human beings, play an important role in finding people who have lost their way to skiing. Search for the area and find an isolated area in a matter of minutes.

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