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Animals, like humans, are under stress. In particular, cats with sensitive and delicate temperament can suffer from stress even more. But he does not express his problem clearly, but in subtle ways. Therefore, the role of the guardian is very important to understand the cat who performs such action.

For example, moving around every corner of the house, urinating, or experiencing physical changes other than normal, all indicate an indication that the cat is under stress. Carefully observing these subtle changes and helping to relieve stress immediately is what a guardian should do. But most important of all, it creates an environment where cats are not stressed. Show tips that can help protect all cats.

The bathroom is important.

Cat litter is an essential element for domestic cats. It should not be considered simply a tool for cats. The cat must entertain even the bathroom, for it will go into work. Therefore, the size, location and materials of the toilet should be carefully checked. Also, it is natural to empty the toilet every day. If you are in a place where you feel your bathroom is comfortable and comfortable, but you do not get in the way of seeing the work, then the cat will be free to go to the bathroom.

For reference, if cats are gourmets, it is appropriate to provide one toilet per cat.

Quality feed

Feeding is very important for pets. Therefore, supplying high quality, fully balanced nutrients is a key factor in maintaining the health of cats. In addition, cats have different eating habits, some cats prefer free meals, and some cats occasionally look for feeds. This is why it is important to make sure the cat does not have enough nutrients to eat.

In particular, if you are a family with a large number of cats, it is advisable to supply each feed with a meal time so that they do not get tangled. Because some cats harass or scare other cats, this does not make mealtime a stressing factor. It also helps prevent cat obesity.

Fresh water

Water is also essential for survival. It is a food that is naturally necessary for cats. However, cats do not like water very much, so you should consider that dehydration can lead to disease and stress. If a cat strongly rejects water, it is also a good idea to douse or soak the food in water. It is also a good idea to induce a person to play with a water stream coming from a waterfall or faucet so that they can like water.

Tower and perch installation

The cats had a habit of climbing up and down the furnishings, resting on the heights and enjoying looking down. It is important to have a cat tower, a staircase, a shelf, and so on, so that the cat can exhibit such a temperament in the house. To make your cat feel more comfortable in this process, you can place extra blankets or cushions in these places. If you prefer to stay in the window for a long time, let's make a special perch of wood to make you feel special.

Scratching is required

Cats must scratch their claws regularly to be stressed. This part is now well known to many cat caregivers, and many scratching posts for cats are on the market. If you can not scratch it, you are not likely to be able to show the area, and because your claws can not be trimmed, you are more likely to be stressed. Therefore, it is essential to provide scratched plates or posts of suitable material and size to match the body size and strength of the cat.

Arrange shelter

If a cat finds one in the bed, under a bed, or under a bed, or in a piece of furniture, it is a habit that the cat wants to be in a safe, unobtrusive place. Actually, the role of hideout is very important for cats. Without this personal space, stress and anxiety can be more intense. It does not really mean a huge hideout, but also a small box or carrier where cats can get in and out. If you are raising several cats, it is also effective to provide small barriers considering each tendency.

Playing fun

The activity of playing with a cat while rolling around can reduce stress and exercise, which is the same as the one and the same time. You can enjoy your cat and enjoy your time with enough toys available on the market. If you have at least 20 to 30 minutes of time to help your cat 's physical activity, it can help relieve stress and boost energy.

Hug love

A cat is an animal that enjoys hugging with a guardian, and showing affection. Although it does not seem to be the case, this is the difference in expression due to the cats tendency, and most cats want to hug and embrace their caregivers. The power of embrace is also great. Just because it is possible to reduce the stress of the cat by just holding it lovingly.

Anxiety of sudden change

A sudden change in the surrounding environment to a cat is very harmful to health. If you feel that a change has occurred in a part of your daily life or that your surroundings have changed, it will lead to stress and anxiety. It is important to change slowly and slowly for the cat.

Stress Relief Products

Among the catering products available on the market are those that contain pheromones that calms the mind and reduces stress. If you want to use these products, you should first consult with your veterinarian and follow the recommendations.

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