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It is a peculiar experience to raise exotic animals at home as pets. These animals are less attractive than dogs or cats that can fit in their bosom. For years, tarantula was a pretty popular pet. People are increasingly interested in the special and quiet features of tarantulas. But as you are attracted to this little creature, there are many factors to consider before adopting.

Tarantula, which belongs to the Tarantula family, predominantly lives in arid or subtropical and tropical climate regions.

Are tarantulas dangerous?

It is the biggest concern for tarantulas. This animal, with its long, hairy legs, has a negative reputation. Because it is considered dangerous and toxic. But there are many misunderstandings because people have very little information about tarantulas.

Like other animals, tarantulas can be very dangerous if they are scared or attacked. Tarantula is poisonous and it is accompanied by pain, erythema and swelling. Therefore, it can be very fatal to people with anaphylactic reactions to allergic reactions or spider bites. Another concern about tarantula is that it is difficult to deal with. The hair on the tarantula's skin can cause itching and irritation, so you should avoid touching your eyes after touching the tarantula with your bare hands. Inflammation can cause irritation. Tarantula with this 'itchy inducing hair' can shoot this hair if threatened. You should always wash your hands after touching the tarantula.

Tarantula may seem dangerous to the people around, but it is an animal that prefers to flee rather than attack. Only after knowing enough to know and handle this spider's behavior adequately can you avoid the danger caused by the tarantula.

▲ tarantula (source = Flickr)

Tarantula Basic Guide

1. Create a cage for tarantulas

Tarantula does not require a lot of space, but it's a good idea to choose a type of cage that can sell your breathing oysters. The height of the cage should be such that the tarantula can not escape. To float on the floor and moisten the oysters, potting soil and peat should be mixed with vermiculite.

And make a space for the tarantula to breathe, and a shallow water bowl. The water bowl should be very shallow so that the tarantula does not come off.

2. Atmosphere

Tarantula should avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Instead, you need to provide a dark space that can be comfortable. It is important to maintain proper temperature and humidity in the cage.

3. Feeding

Tarantula eats a wide variety of insects, including crickets, wheat worms, and cockroaches. Though not always necessary, large tarantulas can also feed mice and small lizards. What the owner should remember is that they should not be fed larger than tarantula. Tarantula can cause harm because of feeding. Adult tarantulas should be fed once a week, but the kitten tarantula should be distributed several times a week.

4. Moulting

It is a very important step for tarantula. It is the process of removing the existing one to create a new exoskeleton. You should not feed while the tarantula is out. The tarantula at this time is so vulnerable that it can be wounded and even killed. Fortunately, the molting process lasts for a few hours, but it takes about two weeks to completely recover after molting.

The best tarantula varieties for beginners

There are many tarantula varieties that can be raised as pets. And the management method required for each breed is different. The owner should know which varieties are suitable for him. According to the pet specialty media Spruce Pets, chili an rose and Costa Rican zebra, Mexican red nee, Mexican red leg, desert / Mexican blond and curly hair tarantula are suitable for first-time tarantula.

People who grow tarantulas tend to prefer females because females have a longer life span than males. For example, a female chili an rose can live 20 years, but a male has a life span of less than two years.

As long as proper care is taken, tarantula is a pet. Proper management and maintenance is the only way to keep tarantulas healthy.

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