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[Pet] How to cope with cats intellectual dermatitis

Source: Pixar Bay

Dermatitis that afflicts cats. This time, let's look at mild to moderate dermatitis.

Cats with dermatitis are a type of cat skin disease, also called 'cat scratch disease', 'cat eczema', or 'spotty disease'. Apart from this, it is also called 'millet dermatitis' because the spot caused by mellitus dermatosis resembles mulberry seeds.

Cetus mellitus dermatitis can be distinguished by the presence of red spots on the spot and small, firm masses. If you have this dermatitis, it can be very itchy, so you can scratch or scratch your body constantly, which can cause severe skin irritation.

Cetus-like dermatitis can be caused by the following types of diseases:

1. Allergies such as food, pollen, fleas

2. Fungal infections of bacteria, fungi and vaginitis

3. Parasitic infections caused by ticks or fleas

4. Autoimmune disease

5. Nutritional disorders such as fatty acid deficiency

6. Hormonal abnormalities

The veterinarian can not determine the exact cause of cat-atrophic dermatitis, but the location of the spot may help diagnosis. For example, if a spot is found in the lower part of the tail, fleas may be the cause, and the spot around the head may be due to ticks.

The treatment of cetuximab dermatitis depends on the cause. For example, if fleas or ticks are the cause, prescribe medicines containing pyrethroids. There are also other treatments using injections and special insecticides.

On the other hand, if the cause of dermatitis is food allergy, a change in eating habits is necessary. If it is caused by a fungal infection such as ringworm, it can be treated with mouth or topical treatment with antifungal medicines.

The important thing is to keep the surrounding living environment clean to prevent further complications from complicating cat's overall health or to prevent recurrence of dermatitis.

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