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It's terrible, but the moment comes when you have to make a decision. Therapeutics are no longer effective, and pets are tired. Painfully, the pets may have already prepared to cross the rainbow bridge. If you are troubled by a combination of sentiments such as guilt, regret, loss, and euthanasia forever, let's take a look at the following sentiment.


Healthline Media Healthline defines euthanasia as "deliberately closing someone's life to relieve pain." If you are a pet owner, you will decide on euthanasia when you find out that your beloved pet can no longer improve and that it will only suffer. But you will not know exactly when 'timely' is for euthanasia. Only the owner is the only one who can understand pets.


Losing pets that are part of a family is a terrible thing. Saying goodbye is never easy, and it is clear that you will suffer from feelings of loss and guilt.

Guilt is an emotion that can be felt after doing something wrong, accompanied by regret and remorse. If you have to euthanize your beloved pets, you will be filled with regret with guilt. Because pets can not tell what they want, they depend on the owner for everything from food to care, bathing, and love. Sometimes I feel guilty for thinking that my pet has not looked after me in case of illness or accident, which is a normal feeling. The owner is responsible for everything that happens to the pet, whether bad or good.

It is natural to feel painful after putting your pet in eternal rest. I regret that I would not have to decide if I had taken better care of myself. The owner believes that euthanasia is the last decision because he believes that pets can live until the last minute.

According to Spruce Pet, a pets specialist, owners are free from blaming themselves after euthanasia, reminding their feelings to others, remembering their pets and good memories, and getting out of guilt is a remedy for the loss of pets And the way to do it.

1 Treat yourself generously

Everyone makes mistakes. It should not be condemned as a past work that could not be controlled. You have done your best to do enough.

2 Let's express our feelings to people around us.

Talking with friends, family, or people important in your life can help you deal with emotions. Talking to people around you about your current feelings helps you look at things from various perspectives and comfort yourself.

3 Remember the good memories

Rather than chew on your pet's mistakes, remember the good memories you have, and recall the places your pet likes, snacks, and health.

4 Have a consultation with a veterinarian

If you have additional questions about the state of your pet after euthanization, it is a good idea to have a conversation with your veterinarian. Conversation with a veterinarian who euthanizes a pet can be helpful.

5 Let the professional counselor know

If you talk to someone who can help you deal with professional counselors or emotions, you will be able to escape the feeling of losing your pet.

6 Let's get out of guilt

As a pet owner, the feeling of losing a pet is like having lost a family member. It does not mean that you do not like pets, but to escape the negative feelings of innocence, such as guilt or loss. After enough time of mourning, you should get out of negative feelings.

7 Cherishing memories with your pet

The best way to celebrate pets is to accept the fact that they can no longer be together with pets, but also to appreciate and appreciate the time spent with them.

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