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[Pet] Is it okay to feed a lovely pet dog a banana?


Pet fever

Dogs and cats that appear in human history seem to have been with humans for a very long time. Although there were times when the concept of livestock was raised or slaughtered, it has become an indispensable part of the life of modern people so that it can be absorbed in the human life and be accompanied by the life and role of the companion. It is not pet dogs, pet cats, but these are now called pets, suggesting a big influence on human life. As a result, many products and services related to pets are emerging.

Pet snacks

Living with pets is a sensitive issue, especially with regard to food. A pet that has a different metabolic system from humans can not consume all the food that humans can eat. Particularly salty or spicy foods can cause problems with dog's gastrointestinal function and kidney function, and ingesting chocolate, etc. can seriously endanger life.

Especially, young dogs often visit the hospital by eating foods they should not eat when the owner is not looking at other things. Many snacks containing nutrients that are good for the body have recently been made in consideration of the health of pets. It is important that the owner's carelessness prevents ingestion of food and other dangerous pets in advance.

Fruits that feed on pets

Dogs often prefer to eat meat, and can not digest vegetables and fruits. There are cases of vomiting or diarrhea due to it, like eating banana, nutritious and soft fruit can be fed to the puppy. However, if you give excessive amounts of the aforementioned diarrhea and vomiting symptoms may occur, so you need to pay a small amount of green banana ripe.

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