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[Health] [celebrity diet diet] [frostbite 2] hongo di diet recipe open, secret method ‘magic dough’?

▲ HGO diet recipes contain chicken breasts (Source = SBS frostbite 2 You are my destiny)

Diet recipe of Actor Hgoo Eun appeared on "Sangmyungmon you are my destiny 2" which was aired on SBS. As usual, 'Eatangmong' shows the way to eat well Hagogo's dietary secret recipe Many people are wondering as much as, Hango Diet Recipe is attracting a lot of people. Hango, which can make a delicious diet, unveils a diet recipe.

▲ Magic dough (Source = SBS Dong Sang Myong 2 You are my destiny)

How is the recipes of Hango Diet Recipe 'Magic Dough'?

The recipe for Hango's Diet Recipe is 'Magic Dough' made of chicken breast. Chicken breasts are better absorbed when they are fed than when they are fed, so they can be consumed more effectively. Chopped chicken breasts are mixed with paprika, broccoli and onion. After that, if you put the ingredients in the box with △ garlic △ pepper △ sesame oil, you can finish the "magic dough", which is a recipe for hongo silver dhart recipe. Instead of using salt, you can feel the flavor inherent in the food by catching the smell of chicken with pepper.

▲ Chicken Breast Peel (Source = SBS Frostbite 2 You are my destiny)

HGO Diet Recipe

1. chicken breast fillet

First, 'Magic Dough' is diced to make chicken breastball. Unwrap the eggs and soak the chicken breastballs and put them in the kelp soup. Because there is no carbohydrate because it does not put flour, it is good to diet diet.

▲ stir-fried tomatoes (Source = SBS Sangsimong 2 you are my destiny)

2. Sauteed tomatoes

It is good if you make it when you want to eat pasta during the diet. First of all, put a 'magic dough' on the fan and put the sliced ​​tomato and tomato paste on it. After that, cut the eggplant vertically and mix it with the sauce as long as you like and fry it.

▲ chicken steak (source = SBS frosted monkey 2 you are my destiny)

3. Chicken steak

Often, when you are on a diet, you can eat chicken breast without any liver or grind it. However, 'honggoun diet steak' can eat delicious chicken breast without getting tired. First, I bake a "magic dough" on a fan. We finish the grilled steak with low-calorie and healthy bilberry sauce.

What are the ingredients of bilberry sauce and bilberry?

Bilberry is a bilberry sauce made with the same ingredients as the blueberry. It is also called a European blueberry or wild blueberry. Bilberry is a fruit that can help improve vision, as a British combat pilot finds an increase in night vision after flying a bilberry jam. This is because bilberry is rich in lutein, which is a good component for eyesight. Bilberry sauce can be made by mixing bilberry, olive oil and vinegar in a ratio of 1: 2: 1.

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