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Located in the heart of Moscow, the Kremlin is Russia's most iconic landmark. The building is a fortress with five palaces, four cathedrals, the Kremlin cemetery and a tower, and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990. It is also the official residence of the present Russian President. Numerous soldiers and security guards guard the ground to keep the president's residence, and there are heavenly police guarding the Kremlin. It is a raptor.

Raptor units guard the Kremlin dome and steeple to protect the Kremlin from bird attacks.

Their predecessors are crows. Crows ruin the gold coating on the roofs and spiers of the Kremlin Palace. They also steal important documents from the office and hunt small birds such as nightingales. A heavenly police force keeps the sky in the Kremlin during the day, and at night nocturnal owls protect the Kremlin from bird invaders.

The guards of the day guard work until the tourists flock to the Kremlin and defeat crows around Bolshoi Square. They also appear in the official events of the Kremlin.

Hawks and owls are the most famous raptors. They use powerful beaks, claws, and excellent vision to hunt prey.

It is very rare that birds keep the sky, but the Kremlin is not the first. In 2016, Dutch police snatched unmanned aerial vehicles (drone) that could potentially cause problems by hiring eagles trained in security companies in The Hague as 'police chiefs'.

Source: Pixar Bay

Raptors can be divided into a group of birds, buzzards, marshmallow, mugwort, frog bream, hawk, kite, eagle, owl, and bald head.

The term kelp, or rapture, is a common term for classifying large birds that hunt and kill animals to obtain food. 560 species of birds all over the world are classified as raptors.

Among the birds of prey, birds in the birds are relatively small and slender. It is famous for its excellent flight skills. It has very good eyesight and fast flight speed.

A bird in a buzzard has broad wings and short tail. It takes longer to get on the flat than to fly. The most famous bird of the buzzards is red hawk.

One of the most popular birds of Hydrangea is the vast bird with excellent vision, big beak and strong wings. Most Aboriginal tribes worshiped the eagle as a sacred animal.

The birds of the maca are very good in speed and agility. The world's fastest animal, the Falcon, is a raptor belonging to the Hawthorn. This bird can dive to about 321km per hour.

The frog mangroves are medium-sized, low-parasitic raptors. It can be seen mainly in wetlands and grasslands. Its appearance is unique and it can shorten hovering in the air to hunt. Gray - eyed frogs are most famous.

Source: Pixar Bay

Hawk is used to refer to common birds of prey. It is divided into a saddle, a forest, a buzzard, and a meadow.

The kite is mainly found in the southern provinces, characterized by moderate graceful flight. The wings are long and narrow with long tail.

Swans are the world's most prevalent bird, hunting mostly fish. It looks like a bald eagle.

Owls are nocturnal raptors. This bird has very good night vision and bright ears, so it can catch small movements of food.

Bald repairs have no feathers on their heads and are named Bald Repairs. Instead of hunting, this raptor eats the carcass of animals left by other carnivores.

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