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A puppy can be your good athlete. Pilates can be with dogs as well as jogging and running.

Alicia Gallagher of the Los Angeles Animal Cruelty Prevention Association strongly encourages pilates with dogs because Pilates helps dogs develop and strengthen their joints.

Of course, the pilates that a puppy can do are not as complicated as human actions. The puppy should be focused on balancing and standing.

For example, helping a dog to balance on an unstable object such as a ball.

In addition, fitness tools such as balance boards and peanut balls can be used.

The key is that when a dog is sitting or standing on an unstable object, it is not restless and can be balanced in any way. That is, continue practicing until the dog can naturally balance.

This exercise helps strengthen the shoulders, abdomen, back, and hind legs of dogs. Exercise also reduces the risk of injuries in daily life as the dog's stress decreases and the body's ability improves. When a dog's muscles are strengthened, agility and movement are improved.

Things to consider

However, if you give a dog a Pilates without proper instructions or preparation, the dog may not be overly excited or entertained with exercise.

1. First, check with your animal clinic to see if your puppy can do exercises such as pilates.

2. Use appropriate equipment to keep the dog from tensing. If the fitness tool is too small or too big for the size of the dog, the dog may feel fear.

3. If the puppy is an aged dog, give it plenty of time to get used to one tool before using the various fitness tools.

4. Balance If the exercise is successful, give the dog a snack.

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Pilates action

The easy pilates that can be done with a dog are as follows.

1. Sit and stretch

I sit down on my knees facing the dog. Straighten your back, lay your body back as far as possible, and then lean forward to reach your puppy. Repeat this 10 to 20 times.

2. Cross

Kneeling, holding the puppy, turning the body to the left as far as possible, and turning it to the right.

3. Side Bend Power Lead

Stand side by side with the puppy. Hold your dog's lead in one hand and lift your hand slowly over your head. Extend your hand as far as possible and then touch it again. Repeat 10 times.

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Exercise affects not only the health of a person but also the health of a pet. According to the Pet Obesity Prevention Association, 52.5% of dogs are currently obese or overweight. In order to take a walk or exercise with a puppy, consideration should first be given to the breed characteristics and health status of the puppy.

If it is impossible to walk or run for a long time, hiking for a short time will help your puppy's health. If there is a mountain or forest nearby, let's walk about 10 minutes. Fresh air will make the puppy feel refreshed.

If you have a facility to swim a puppy pool or puppy nearby, let's get involved. Swimming is also a very good exercise for puppy's health.

Tug-playing like a tug-of-war develops the puppy's strength and upper body muscles. Exercising to throw and ask the ball develops the puppy's eye and body coordination.

The house can be a very good playground. For example, if your home has a treadmill, you can let the dog use the treadmill. On a rainy day, find a workout that you can do in the house.

If you are growing a strong, active dog, let's take a walk of resistance. A resistance walk is a walking method that adds more force to the leg than walking on a flat ground, for example walking or running in water, sandy fields, snowfields.

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