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[Pets] Before you raise your pet,


Most of the people who want to raise pet fish find fish that can grow well in a narrow tank in the house.

"Unfortunatly, a free fish tank actually has more to manage than an aquarium with a larger filtration device," the pet expert Karal Upsdick told the online pet magazine "PetMD." Nevertheless, if you keep the fish tank clean, it can be a space where fish can live.

What kind of fish can grow well in a narrow tank of the house?

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Goldfish can live in an aquarium, but because they are fish with a habit of eating dirty food, they have to clean the fish tank frequently and change water. Most people think of goldfish as small fish, but there are some goldfish that grow bigger as they grow up. These goldfish are hard to live in an aquarium. "Goldfish grow up to 61 centimeters if they actually grow," he said.

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Beta fish

Back to top According to Siddick, Beta fish is one of the most popular species of fish that can be raised in aquaria.

Unlike goldfish, Beta fish are clean fish, so they do not get dirty easily. In addition, they do not grow large, so narrow tanks are not burdensome. Beta fish can be raised in an aquarium without filtration enough to be able to live in rice bowls.

However, this fish has a habit of spitting toxins, so water needs to be changed frequently to prevent this.

It is better to raise the beta fish in a small tank of 18L size.

White Cloudfish

"White Cloudfish is a great fish to grow in a large fish bowl or a small aquarium," Siddick said. This fish from Baekun Mountain in China can also be bought from the cold water of a fish tank.

Like the beta fish, it is small in size even when fully grown.

Also, because the jump ability is excellent, you need to install a shield above the aquarium and change water frequently.

If you keep this fish in school, you should first check if there is a large aquarium to accommodate a herd.

Source: Pixar Bay

Tropical fish goofy

Tropical fish guppy is also a popular species for beginners to grow and to look pretty. Goofy is a sturdy, gentle personality that lives with no problem with other fish.

Goofy is characterized by its good fertility because it is pregnant throughout the year.

If you grow goofy, you can see the pregnancy and childbirth of the tropical fishes and even the cubs.

If you keep pet fish in your home, it is important to have enough fish tank to breathe comfortably. As with other pets, it is important to remember that responsibilities include cleaning and managing the fish.

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