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There is nothing to be as heartwarming as meeting a kitten abandoned on a cold winter street. You suddenly found a kitten without a mother. I have decided to live with my poor hearted home, but there is nothing I can do. Reveal the Kitten Carrot tip so prepared for you.

What you need for kittens

If you decide to have a cat, let's get to know three important things first. The first thing you need to know is basically what you need. Examples include resting places, feed and water, toys and bedding, and toilets. Immunization and health screening should not be omitted here. It is a good idea to take the vaccine to the veterinarian and receive a vaccine for disease prevention.

Now that the basic stuff has been filled, it is now possible to show affection to the mother, who can give warm love. If kittens are very young after birth, it is early to eat them. In addition, the eyes may not open yet, so you should feed your kitten milk directly. It is good to eat every 2 to 4 hours. After milk intake, help me see urine and feces. You should rub the genital area with a soft, warm swab or cloth, and clean it after cleaning to avoid skin rashes or blisters.

Finally, you should create a comfortable, comfortable, and hygienic environment. When you are very young, you can get a cold through your skin, which can lead to hypothermia. Keep the temperature properly to maintain a warm body temperature and place the warming pad under a box or towel so that the cat can stay warm without getting burned.

After 3 weeks

It is time to start a baby food if you have a good 3-week-old baby. Be especially careful when eating food, especially from 3 weeks, so that you can observe whether the cat has abnormal symptoms while feeding powdered milk. Milk is diluted with water at least four times a day, so it should be healthy.

If you've been in four weeks, it's time to eat pureed baby food or baby cereal. Milk, puree and cereal should be given at least four times a day.

Meals can be added to the 5-week car. Let's mix small amounts of cooked meat with puree and cereal. The optimal diet is to feed the meat finely. You can also buy canned food from pet supplies. It is good to mix it with milk.

When you reach the 6th week, you have to move your diet to something harder than baby food. This is because kittens can eat canned or thinly sliced ​​meats. However, to prevent dehydration, enough milk should be provided.

Toilet use

At this time, cats can enter the growing season and become curious. It means that the time to learn and explore something can make every corner of the house dizzy. So it is time to teach the discipline in the house and how to use the restroom.

Especially, toilets should be able to educate them effectively by inserting a wide but low-profile toilet. Also, the cover of the toilet should be installed considering the tendency of the cat. If you are finished, let's get into the training with some of the following information.

1. When a cat is defecated, you must show the act of transferring the excreta directly to the toilet. If you put your fingers in the sand, you can watch the cat next to it and figure out how to handle your own excreta. However, in this process, it is not allowed to directly hold the cats' feet, not their fingers. The cat may feel insecure or fearful.

2. If you want your cat to go to the bathroom more, you can play with your cat in a comfortable and comfortable room, not a toilet first. When physical activity becomes active, the cat will find itself in the toilet every time there is a signal from the body. It is good to put a toy in the toilet.

3. Cats usually tend to use the toilet after eating, sleeping or actively playing. Toilet training at this time is more effective.

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