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[Pets] AI-equipped robot cats, the elderly become an assistant of life


As the age of aging approaches, science and technology for the elderly is growing rapidly. It ranges from a cushion that gives the impression of pet stroking to a virtual dog that remotely cares for the elderly. This time, a robot cat with artificial intelligence (AI) was released.

Joy for All

Joey Poole is a robotic cat with AI. The Associated Press reported that Hasbro, a toy company, and Brown, the United States, are working together to develop the product.

Hasbro released Joey Poole two years ago. Brown is here to begin research to include AI technology. Once the AI ​​is loaded, the cat can find the missing things of the elderly, take them to the doctor, and even walk the phone. The development team explained that cats would help older people live longer and more independently at home.

The price will be lowered so that all the elderly will feel free to help the cat. At present it is likely to be between $ 100 and hundreds of dollars. The development team emphasized that although the cat is a battery-operated system, many people already deal with Zoey-Poole like a real cat. Professor Bertran Malle, a brown-brown engineer, He said, creating robots that can do well. He was confident that the cat would provide comfort and comfort to the owner, although he could not do housework such as ironing clothes or delivering newspapers.

Help also for dementia

Aries (Affordable Robotic Intelligence for Elderly Support) is a team of scientists from Brown University, local hospitals and Cincinnati designers working together on a joint project between Hasbro and Brown. He also received $ 1 million from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

They hope that the benefits of the cat will go back to the elderly people suffering from Alzheimer's. I do not want to push technology for technology. The researchers say that cats with AI can be a bigger help for people with intermediate-level dementia, and that they are conducting surveys and interviews to better understand and understand life with the elderly.

However, it does not mean that cats can talk to the elderly because of the AI. Michael Littman, who joins ARIES, pointed out that it is impossible to speak in human language due to the nature of the animals, and that if they speak the language, they can bring anger to the elderly suffering from dementia.

He says he has a different way of communicating with the elderly, for example, how the cat moves his head. The professor said he hoped the interaction would help reduce feelings of loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Professor Littman predicted that cats would need the elderly and the elderly could also respond to the cat's behavior and construct a 'healing interaction'.

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