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Pets give life vitality and pleasure. Because pets live close to people and are strong in loyalty, they are considered to be members of a family beyond simple friends. People who raise pets not only receive unconditional love from animals, but also improve their physical and mental health. Find out about the health benefits of getting a pet.

Stress reduction

If you are in the same space as a pet, you can see your mind calm down. Post-traumatic stress disorder patients, medical students, children with high anxiety index, dogs and other animals to raise the effect is said to reduce stress. According to the Vision Times, the heart rate and blood pressure of those who raise pets are more stable than those who do not, and they return to normal levels more quickly when they rise. Because pets raise oxytocin, which produces pleasure, and lower the stress hormone, cortisol levels.

Increase physical activity

If you raise your pet, you will be more active, for example, working with animals. Activities such as playing with dogs or going for a walk are also a kind of exercise. Studies have shown that those who raise dogs have more exercise than those who do not. In addition, spending time together with animals in nature or outdoors is also good for mental health, such as increased vitamin D levels, reduced depression, and improved immune systems.

Blood pressure reduction

According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, blood pressure is lowered when hypertensive patients raise pets. Researchers at the University of Oregon in the United States have shown that raising a dog can lower maximum blood pressure, which can reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, psychological stress, and death.

Decreased cholesterol and triglyceride levels

The Centers for Disease Control found that those who raised pets had significantly lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides than those who did not. The difference was not due to diet ▲ smoking ▲ body mass index, but the exact reason was not revealed.

Increase of social exchange

Pets also have an impact on long-term health by affecting the increased social interaction among people. For those who have difficulty building or maintaining relationships, pets can be a good vehicle for new connections with others. As you walk your pets, you can interact with your neighbors, meet new people and build new friendships. Talking about pets can quickly build bonds with others. Also, according to one study, it was found that those who raise pets are more active in social exchanges than those who do not, and give more positive perceptions to their neighbors.

On a stressful day, your pet calms your mind. A pet, a precious being that gives pleasure to life, gives us unconditional love and helps us to be faithful to the present and enjoy every moment.

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