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[Health] indoor air purification plants, would be effective?


Air pollution has received the greatest attention in recent years due to its close relationship with human life. The number of households purchasing air purifiers has increased because of the amount of time spent staying indoors. There are many people who want to keep the air in the room clean as well as air purifiers. If you want an indoor air purifier with an air purifier and an efficient living room flowerpot, or if you are reluctant to purchase an air purifier, you might want to use an indoor air purifier. It also introduces the types of indoor air purifying plants and how to utilize the interior of plants.

Indoor air purification plants are natural air fresheners Source: Pixar Bay

Effect of indoor air purification plants

Indoor Air Purification Plants are simply a good way to manage indoor air quality by simply putting them in the living room, study room, and office. Pores at the front and back of plant leaves adsorb fine dust while plants breathe. In addition, the humidity can be increased by spitting moisture. It acts as air purifier and humidifier at the same time.

Types of Indoor Air Purification Plants

Stuki is popular as a housewarming gift

'Stuki' is the representative indoor air purification plant that is attracted by low cost and interior decoration. Stuki has recently been ranked as the number one air purification plant in the ranking. Stuki is a representative species of Siberia and features a long stick shape. Because the growth rate is fast and succulent, water can be given only once a month. It has a purification capacity three times higher than that of 'San Seberieria', well known as an air purification plant. In addition, the effect of eliminating the sick house syndrome is a good gift as a new home.

Easy to grow air purification plant is convenient ▲ Source = Pixar Bay

Easy-to-grow air purification plant Alorcia

Alocasia is a plant that lives mainly in the Asian tropics. Thick backers and large leaves are the plants that give a fresh feeling. It means that it has a vitality of a thousand years, and it is good as a gift pot. It makes the indoor air quality pleasant and it grows well in warm place with high humidity due to the characteristics of tropical plants. When the surface of the soil is dry, you can give it water.

You can produce a different atmosphere depending on the size of the pots. Source: Pixar Bay

Indian rubber trees that grow well even at low temperatures

Indian rubber trees are suitable for plant interiors with gleaming leaves. It is easy to manage because it is able to remove chemicals that drift in indoor air and is resistant to pests and grows well at low temperatures. But remember that you need to get enough light.

If indoor air quality is concerned but air purifier is insufficient, it is good to create pleasant environment through air purification plant.

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