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[Health] The material of ‘resonance’, ‘excellence’, excellent effect for patients with chronic renal failure

▲ Immersion is used as the main material of the resonance stage and it costs several million won per 1g (Source: Pixar Bay)

It is the material of the resonance stage, which is taken from the native tree that grows in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia such as Vietnam and Indonesia. When a tree breaks, the fluid collects at the wound site to heal it. It is the eruption of the sap that has been stuck for hundreds of years, for thousands of years. Because it takes a lot of time to make one of these things, it is considered to be a valuable medicinal product, and the price of 1 gram of water is worth millions of won. Let's find out about the information about the effect that you have but the effect you need.

▲ Echinacea has various effects such as preventing inflammation in the kidneys and giving nervous stability (source = Pixar Bay)

Efficacy of acne

The main constituent of the acne is a component called betacelinene. This ingredient helps strengthen the kidneys and restore energy. It also contains a sulfur component that acts as an antibacterial agent, thereby preventing inflammation from being generated in the kidneys. The study showed that acute exacerbations were actually effective in patients with chronic renal failure. Studies in chronic renal failure patients have shown that ingestion improves appetite, abdominal pain, and edema . In addition, the component of agarose, which is contained in the acne, acts as a natural tranquilizer, which helps relax the mind, calm the mind, provide psychological stability, relieve stress and overcome insomnia. Presbyopia, which is caused by the destruction of retinal cells as they age, is effective in this presbyopia. It protects retinal cells from destruction, helps to relieve eye fatigue, and is good for eye health. In addition, it promotes blood circulation, stimulates metabolism, and alleviates diarrhea symptoms.

▲ It is good to note that the main ingredient of the acne can be blown away by applying heat (Source: Pixar Bay)

How to ingest ingestion

Eosinophilia may be ingested in the form of a stub like the resonance band or ingested as an eosinophilic ring. It is often consumed as a powder, but it is better to drink it in a lukewarm water. This is because the main components of the emulsion are essential oils, which are easily volatilized when heated. The daily intake of recommended daily intakes is 0.1 to 0.4 g per day for powder, and a small amount of 1/5 teaspoon is recommended.

Side effects

It has the property of generating heat. It is good not to use it for people who are weak in the sound and have a strong sense of humor. When I think of Sasang constitution, it is not suitable for the constitution which is good for the so - Also, overdose may cause abdominal pain or diarrhea, so it is recommended that you take it according to the recommended lowered intake.

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