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[Health] genital sores, causes and solutions

▲ Source = Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever felt hot or burning in the middle of your chest? Perhaps you thought, "Is this okay?"

The answer is yes or no. If it is the first time you have experienced genital soreness it is likely to be okay. For example, if you are late for dinner and go to bed immediately, you can experience soreness the next day. Or if you drink too much coffee, you experience soreness. However, if the genital sores continue to recur, you should suspect reflux esophagitis.

If you experience sore throat more than twice a week, it is likely to be reflux esophagitis.

The acid in the stomach will flow back towards the esophagus and make you feel bitter near your chest. Sometimes it smells strange in your mouth.

When this happens, you should take medication to neutralize the mountain. But if you do not change your lifestyle, the fundamental problem still remains.

Excessive alcohol and caffeine ingestion, spicy foods, soft drinks, dairy products, tomatoes, lemons and the like are the causes of reflux esophagitis.

Everyone has different reactions to certain foods. So if you want to find out the cause, record and track every time you eat. Let's take a look at the food diary to see what food was eaten at what time, and whether there was a genital soreness afterwards or whether it was eased. Over time, you can find foods that cause genital soreness.

Reflux esophagitis is also likely to be associated with obesity. Exercise regularly and reduce fat-rich food intake.

Intermittent soreness is not a health threat, but be aware that if it lasts too long, it can lead to esophageal ulcers, laryngitis, and esophageal cancer.

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