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[Health] ‘Good condition for enteritis’ and ’cause of enteritis · How to cure soon · How to treat quickly’


If the food is left in a humid and hot environment at room temperature while continuing the heat, the risk of food poisoning and enteritis is increased. Learn about the symptoms and causes of enteritis, which is highly contagious and important for early treatment, as well as foods that are good for enteritis, foods that can be taken for enteritis, how to heal enteritis quickly, and how to treat enteritis.

Causes of enteritis and enteritis

It is unreasonable to separate food poisoning symptoms and enteritis symptoms separately. Both food poisoning and enteritis are caused by toxic substances in foods that are ingested, mostly because they are related to food intake. Common symptoms of enteritis and food poisoning include diarrhea, fever, abdominal pain, and vomiting, all of which are accompanied by symptoms of acute enteritis within three days after ingestion of food.

How to Treat Enteritis

First of all, thorough hygiene should be carried out. It is good to wash your hands before and after going out, and take a habit of washing your hands before eating. It is also helpful to go to a specialist enteral hospital for internal medicine and take prescribed medicines. Avoiding alcohol or stimulant foods on a regular basis and eating a lactic acid supplements that help your bowel health can prevent enteritis.

Foods that are good for enteritis and foods that can be taken for enteritis

What foods should I eat when I have enteritis? When you have enteritis, diarrhea, which is also good for food, such as kojukjak, pukjukjang to help the carbohydrate food is helpful. It is also good to eat vegetables rich in dietary fiber such as cabbage, broccoli, and fruits such as banana and plum. Drinking Ion drinks, lukewarm barley tea, and roundworm tea is also effective in calming the inside.

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