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[Health] Good food for fatigue … Introduction of foods that are more effective than cloning


Accumulation of fatigue often leads to loss of health. In severe cases, fatigue recovery is important enough to cause overwork. It is good to eat a replica of fatigue or to drink tea which is good for fatigue recovery, but it is the best to overcome fatigue by food. Find out what foods are good for restoring fatigue.

Vegetables good for restoring fatigue

Broccoli plays a role in controlling the excessive secretion of fatigue substances. It also contains vitamin C and chlorophyll that boosts the immune system, helping to relieve fatigue. Eating leeks also has the effect of relieving fatigue. The sulfurized alginate contained in the leeks releases fatigue substances and stimulates appetite.

Good fruit for fatigue

Plums are not only good for indigestion but also excel in fatigue recovery. Citrus acid in the plum is much more than other fruits. Citric acid acts to release fatigue by decomposing lactic acid, which makes you feel tired. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants, anthocyanins. Anthocyanin acts to prevent aging by removing active oxygen. Blueberries contain about two times more antioxidants when naturally grown.

Red ginseng efficacy

Red ginseng is a functional food that helps improve immunity and relieve fatigue. It is known that it improves fatty liver, restorative, and antioxidant activity. Particularly, saponin and ginsenoside are the essential components of ginseng, and it helps skin. It acts on the stain to suppress whitening and aging.

Food that finds vitality

Egg yolks are not only rich in pantetonal acids, they are full of substances called methionines that help liver decode, break down fatigue, and eliminate free radicals. Although the absorption rate is slightly improved when it is eaten raw, there is no significant difference from when it is eaten raw. In order to eliminate food poisoning bacteria you should wash your skin well.

Sunflower seed efficacy

Sunflower seeds are rich in pantothenic acid and are full of selenium called the potion of youth. The antioxidant component of selenium, which has an excellent antioxidant effect, is said to be three times walnut and seven times peanut.

Food that solves chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is characterized by a mental and physical weakness that does not improve even if you take a rest, unlike general fatigue, which is recovered by a short break. These chronic fatigue syndrome can be relieved by ingesting citron, sweet potato, potato, and red pepper, which contain vitamin C. During adulthood, adrenal cortex hormones are produced in the adrenal glands, which reduce the stress of the body. If adrenal problems occur, the production of adrenocortical hormone decreases and causes chronic fatigue.

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