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There are caretakers who are happy to grow cats, but for some, this is not even happening. For example, they are allergic to their families or are reluctant to raise them for health problems.

But there is a good alternative to solve this problem. It is a way to provide 'cat rental' service to those who want to stay with the cat for a while. Rent-a-Cat, not rent-a-car. These services can be beneficial not only for cats but also for families with insect pests, such as rats. Let's dig out the popular cat rental service.

Purpose of pest control

A tenant living in a two-bedroom apartment in Williamsburg, USA, recently planned to eradicate a mouse that was a nuisance with cat-rental services. The landlord called the pest control company because of the grasping mouse, but the disinfectant that was rooted in the company was useless for rats. The tenant leased the cat on the advice of a friend.

He slept on a low mattress rather than a high bed, and he had always had the fear of rattling the mattress during the night. However, it was unreasonable to raise cats due to allergies. So while I was looking for cat rental service, I got a cat that my friend raised. However, this cat was rather scared to hide under the mattress rather than to catch the mouse. After all, he decided to choose to keep the apartment cleaner instead of bringing the cat.

If you want to raise a cat for the purpose of catching a mouse, it is more effective to bring a cat that focuses on the task of eradicating the mouse rather than the domestic cat. In fact, the Best Friends group in Los Angeles is nurturing cats to keep mice clean and to keep the environment clean. Most of the main customers who rent cats here are wine wineries, car repair shops, and urban farms, where rats are mostly populated.

Elizabeth Anderson, who works for the group, stressed that this cat-breeding program actually benefits both humans and cats. The shelter can send more cats to the group, and people who suffer from rats can adopt cats and live in a better environment. Cats who have lived poorly on the streets also get a chance to live in a better environment with new family and new missions. If the characteristics of cats living on the streets are not enough socialization to form bonds with people, adoption is not done, Anderson explained.

Cat Sharing Service

Cat sharing services are also popular. One store selling cats in Shenzhen, China, recently launched a cat-sharing service. The cost should be about 39.9 yuan per day, and a deposit of only 2,500 yuan (about 420,000 yuan). Cats receive a physical checkup both before and after the rental. If the health of the cats does not improve after the rental, or if there are signs of abuse or death, the deposit will not be refunded.

This service, however, is not a mouse problem, but a feature that is better suited to those who love and love the cat itself. Some of them criticize it as a move to join the trend of the shared economy, which is emerging at a rapid pace, and misuse the shared economic model. It is pointed out that such a cat-sharing service can aggravate the health of cats.

A caretaker living in Shenzhen is explaining that the essence of a shared economy is to increase efficiency by using excessive social resources appropriately, but cats are not over-abundant social resources. There is criticism that the abuse of cats and the structure in which humans feel happiness through them should be avoided.

Kitten rental

However, there are opinions that it is ultimately helpful because the cat rental is similar to the custody system. In fact, one organization is offering a kitten rental service, according to spokesperson Pinar Dowling, the kitten rental is free. All expenses such as food, supplies and hospital treatment needed to raise cats are paid by the organization. The only thing a caregiver needs to do is take regular check-ups regularly.

These kitten leases are reputed to be very effective at getting early socialization education and maintaining good health at an early age. Of course, the euthanasia rate of the shelter can also be lowered.

Dauling emphasized that kittens consignment is especially needed in spring and summer. This is because most of the shelters are full of kittens who are overflowing during this season. In addition, the shelters are also active in various activities that promote commissioning, such as rebranding or remarketing, to promote kittens consignment.

Dahuli also said that if you feel loved and affectionate while renting and raising, then the service will be smoothly switched from lease to ownership if you want to adopt.

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