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[Health] If you are tired of hungry diet


Women's lifetime homework, diet. As the weather gets colder and the summer gets closer, more and more women are trying to lose their lives because of the pressure to lose their lives quickly. We introduce 'fullness diet' and 'full-bodied food' which can diet without breaking the meal.

What is a fullness diet?

Eating a full-bodied, low-calorie diet is essential for a successful diet. If you feel full, you can avoid unnecessary snacking or overeating, which helps your diet.

Do you feel full with medicine?

A so-called 'satiety-relieving drug' is known as a satiety-inducing agent, which causes the drug to combine with moisture and ions in the large intestine to make it feel full. The more water in the body, the larger the volume and the feeling of fullness is good, so it is helpful to drink 3 times more water than usual. Because side effects may include abdominal bloating and diarrhea, it is better to eat it as a healthy food that can feel fullness rather than taking it.

What is a good-enough food?

The following are high-quality foods that can be used as a vegetarian diet.

1. Banana

A banana is about 100 calories, and its carbohydrate content is 25%. It is also rich in vitamins A and C and has a very low fat content. If you eat banana as a substitute for a meal, it is recommended to eat one to three meals per meal.

It is a fruit that has a high sense of fullness and has a very satisfactory content. It is usually suitable for diet foods with a size of about 200 calories. In addition, it contains a lot of pectin ingredients to prevent constipation, so it helps a healthy diet.

3. Tomatoes
Tomatoes are low in sweetness but rich in fiber, low calorie foods that produce 22 calories per 100g, and you can eat as much as you like. Vitamin C content is high, it is effective for skin beauty and fatigue recovery.

4. Cabbage

Cabbage is also very suitable for a fullness diet because it does not have high calories even if you eat as many as 20 calories per 100g like tomato. It can also be used as a variety of dishes such as salads, vegetables, and sandwich ingredients.

5. Tofu

Tofu is not very low in calories, but it is well known as a celebrity diet recipe that has been successful in weight loss because it is rich in high quality vegetable protein. It is also suitable for diet because it has high digestion rate and satiety, and is rich in vegetable female hormone, which also helps to skin beauty.

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