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If you've ever raised a cat, anyone who is now raising a cat should have wet the cat urine once. Raising pets means that clothes, bedding, pillows, etc. may get wet in pet urine. Especially cat urine is well known for its smell. The reason is because of the ammonia component.

Anyone who has raised a kitten will know that the cat likes a laundry basket or a scattered garment rather than a crate. You may also notice that the smell of cats left in their clothing is not easily lost. There are, however, several ways to completely remove the odors left by the cat on the clothes. If you want to remove the smell of your van pet in your clothes, try the following:

Urine removal is first performed,

Materials needed: ▲ Baking soda (optional) ▲ Enzyme detergent ▲ Oxygen bleach ▲ White vinegar ▲ Paper towel

It is not a good idea to put dirty clothes or bedclothes directly into the washing machine. If you wash with other clothes, urine is strong enough to smell like other laundry. The best way is to pretreat the soiled garments before mixing them with the other laundry.

Step 1: Pour clean water on the soiled area. Remove moisture with a dry paper towel several times, but do not brush the contaminated area. The stain may further enter the fiber structure. The goal of this step is to remove urine from clothing as much as possible before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Fill the basin with water and mix half a cup of oxygen bleach. Do not use chlorine bleach to damage clothing. Soak clothes that have been contaminated with oxygen bleach for over an hour.

Note: Do not use deodorizing products containing ammonia. Because it is similar to cat urine odor, after washing, the cat thinks that it is its own area because of the smell and can urinate again in the same clothes.

Vinegar washing method to remove odor

Urine spots and smells can not be solved by one method alone. Now let's move on to the second method. Vinegar is excellent for removing cat urine odor.

1 Mix 3 cups of water and 1 cup vinegar first, then soak the stained clothes for a few minutes.

2 Clean the contaminated area with baking soda. Baking soda can be used like vinegar because it sucks dirt and neutralizes the smell.

3 Put the stained cloth in the washing machine. No other detergents or soaps need to be added. Because the stain remains, you should use cold or lukewarm water instead of hot water.

4 When you dry your clothes, do not use a heating device because the smell may be on your clothes forever. Even if it takes 24 hours, natural drying is the best way. Now there will be no odor or smudge as before.

Last wash

Because the above steps alone can eliminate a significant amount of urine, it can now be washed with other laundry.

1 Put the clothes in cold water and add the detergent of the enzyme composition. Detergents, usually enzymatic, can be identified because they are labeled on the packaging. The enzyme is effective because it sucks organic matter such as cat urine.

2 Again, do not dry clothes with a heating appliance. It should be dried naturally. If you still smell the clothes after checking for odor, repeat the washing process.

Thinking about cats health

You need to check the health of your cat to prevent this from happening again. If the cat does not have bowel movement in the cage, it is usually associated with health or behavior problems.

It is good to bring the cat to the vet first. The most common cause of cats not using a bowel movement is urinary tract infections. If there is no health problem, let's focus on the behavior of the cat.

Cat urine odor still remains?

If you still smell urine in your house, take some action. The smell may remain because the cat displays the area on the floor, sofa, or house. Turn off all lights in the house, hold the ultraviolet light, and light the walls, bed, and sofa. Cat urine stains will light up in white, so you'll quickly know where to clean.

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