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[Health] “Typical cause of teenage hair loss chemical products”, three things to consider to prevent hair loss

Source: Pixar Bay

We envy people with long, soft, radiant hair, and people with thin hair. According to experts, a typical person has about 100 hairs a day. However, people with hair loss tend to lose more than 1,000 hair and become thinner.

According to the statistics, about half of people experience full-scale hair loss when they are in their 50s. This is a normal course of aging. In recent years, however, there are many cases caused by external factors, and the hair may become thinner or weaker due to health deterioration or hormone secretion.

When the progress is worse, hair transplantation must be considered. Here are tips to help prevent excessive hair loss and hair loss in advance.

Some experts recommend shampoos or hair loss remedies for hair loss, but caution should be exercised if the stimulation becomes worse. The main factor in teenage hair loss is also considered to be excessive chemicals.

Three things to keep in mind to prevent hair loss are: ▲ Switch to natural products ▲ Massage the scalp ▲ Check the health condition of your thyroid c.

A shampoo containing La Hua Oil or La Hua Oil is a natural ingredient and makes your hair strong. It is good for use by pregnant women. La Hua Oil contains omega-9 fatty acids that make hair grow stronger from the inside.

When using shampoo, massage the scalp thoroughly to promote circulation of blood in the scalp and supply oxygen to strengthen the hair. Apply 2 to 3 minutes of scalp massage every time you close your head.

And hair loss may be a sign of a serious health risk, such as thyroid problems, so if you have a lot of hair, you may want to take an overall health checkup.

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