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[Health] What is a good food for the gums that should be taken for gum health to be managed for a lifetime?


The gingiva, also called "gingiva", refers to the part of the neck of the tooth covering the alveolar bone in the direction of the root of the tooth. If the health of the gums is not good, various diseases can occur. The gingiva retrieves the oral mucosa, and the inflammation that occurs here is called gingivitis. It is likely to occur when you are on menstruation, pregnancy, cold or allergic conditions, and in these diseases or conditions it is a good condition for gum disease. Oral diseases such as gingivitis and periodontal disease may bleed your gums and you may be embarrassed to brush your teeth.
As the number of people treated for periodontal disease increases year by year, there is a need to manage oral health through good gum foods and proper lifestyle to prevent bleeding from gums and sitting down gums . What foods are good for gums that help prevent gum inflammation and maintain gum health?

Good food for your gums

Foods that have alkalinity on the gums are generally good. This is because the acid prevents the teeth from corroding. A good food for the gums 'celery' is a vegetable that serves to remove plaque, which causes the teeth to yellow. It is possible to clean the mouth by chewing and to increase the amount of saliva secretion, which neutralizes the acid which is harmful to the teeth. Green tea protects tooth enamel because it increases the level of fluoride compounds. However, care should be taken because excessive consumption of green tea that is good for the gums may cause discoloration in the teeth. Cheeses contain a lot of calcium to make the teeth strong, and casein increases the hydrogen ion concentration in the mouth prevents acidification from progressing. Also, nuts, including cashew nuts, which are good for the gums, help to strengthen teeth and help prevent tooth decay.

Bad food on the gums

Carbonated beverages such as cola have a high acidity and a high sugar content, which has a bad influence on the teeth and gums. It is not good to brush your teeth after drinking a cola because of acidity, and it is good to brush your teeth after 30 minutes have elapsed. Even if you eat foods high in sugar, it is easy to cause gum disease and tooth decay. If you eat sticky foods like caramel, food can get caught between your teeth, resulting in gum disease. In addition, too much chewy or new food stimulates the oral cavity, so it can be said that the food is bad for the gums

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