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[Health] [when throat] fine dusty day, good tea ginger ‧ jujube efficacy, making ginger tea and jujube


Dried jujube efficacy

▲ Jujube can be consumed as jujube, dried jujube, jujube (Source: Deokhee Farm)

On fine days when fine dust is present, symptoms of nose and cold may appear. It is helpful to drink warm tea such as ginger tea, plum tea, and jujube tea. Jujube, a typical good food, has good efficacy and is consumed in jujube, jujube, dried jujube, and jujube. The jujube calorie is 100g to 99kcal. The efficacy of jujube is good for skin beauty. In addition, the recently released Altharan jujube ginger juice has become a hot topic, and the efficacy of ginger and the jujube effect have been attracting attention. Ginger tea is well known as a good food for colds, good for food, and is effective when you eat cold, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Two good foods for your body Let's find food recipes made from jujube and ginger.

▲ Daesu tea is good for the health of the neck (source = Deokhee Farm)

How to make jujube tea, How to make jujube tea

1. Rinse the jujube well with vinegar and let it run in clean water.
2. Sprinkle the jujube seeds and add water and steam it for about 30 minutes.
3. Remove the shell completely by sieving.
4. Add the honey to your liking and boil it in the fire.
5. When the jujube is finished, it is eaten in hot water.

▲ October is the season when jujube is ripe (good season) (Source: Deokhee Farm)

How to make ginger tea

1. The ginger is soaked in water and the skin is completely removed.

2. Grind the ginseng that has been trimmed.

3. Add sugar or honey to control the taste.
4. Keep in a bottle and put in a spoonful of ginger tea.

MBN entertainment program Introduced in the Altar The jujube ginger juice, which has become a hot topic, is a mixture of jujube and ginger, which gives a bitter taste of ginger and can show the efficacy of two kinds of food. It is also useful for various food recipes, so if you make it in advance, you can catch both health and taste.

On the other hand, Deokhee farm in Boryeong, Chungnam is cultivating thick, jujube jujube and euphorbia with environmentally friendly farming methods. Deunghee farmer Lee Manki said, "In the case of fresh raw turnips, September to October are ripe. The egg should be thick without flaws, and it should be reddish and glazed. "The dried jujube should have a firm, firm, wrinkled skin with dark red color."

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