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[Issue] 8-year-old girl who likes worms, became a co-author of Science and Technology magazine

Source: Pixar Bay

An article written by an 8-year-old girl from Ontario, Canada, is known.

The girl told me about her locust, the "best friend" of her name, "Hoppers." The locust pissed at me, and I knew that it was blood and threw it right. The locusts fell down somewhere on the stairs. "

The girl's name is Sofia Spencer, who likes to look at insects and insects, and this hobby has made Sofia the apprenticeship of science and technology magazine.

On June 6, Sofia published her name as a co-author in a research paper titled "The Story of Sofia and Why Insects Are for Girls", a promise of just cause in the American Insect Society.

Sophia's favorite insect, said to be an insect specialist, is a snail, slug, and larvae, among which she likes grasshoppers the most.

The main author of the paper is Morgan Jackson, an entomology graduate student, natural photographer and research assistant at Guelph University in Canada.

Jackson manages Twitter accounts and other social media accounts related to the Guerrilla Insect Society of Ontario.

He offered to invite Sofia to write a paper on how social media such as Twitter can play a role in raising awareness of entomology and other scientific disciplines.

Hashtags The story of why insects are for girls started when Sofia's mother, Nicole Spencer, contacted the Canadian Insect Society.

Sophia's mother knows how to lead a Sophia who likes to learn and explore the world of insects and insects, and she knows how to lead Sophia to keep in touch with Sophia to find insect experts or "pen pal" I got in touch.

Sophia's mother said, "I am not willing to help Sophia steadily in the field of science in the future."

At the end of her letter she said, "I wish Sofia would know through her insect experts that it is not strange that she likes insects and insects (other children call Sofia a strange child)."

The Insect Society posted a letter from Sofia's mother on August 26, 2016, during the association's Twitter season.

The Canadian media Toronto Star reported that Jackson was sick and sick about the situation in Sofia.

"I do not like listening to someone being harassed," Jackson said. Especially if that someone is interested and watching me. "

The news media reported that Australian and British entomologists have also posted a reply on Twitter related to Sophia.

Sophia now has new friends like children, adults, and entomologists all over the world who love insects just like herself. Most of them are women.

Thus, insects are really for girls.

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