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[Parenting] Dinosaurs Extinct Asteroids, Caused by the Worst Place


The extinction of the dinosaurs is said to be caused by the collision of a massive meteorite 15 kilometers in diameter 65 million years ago on the surface of the earth.

As a lot of dust was absorbed into the atmosphere by the meteorite collision, the earth entered 'ice age'. In the aftermath, at least 75% of living species were extinct.

In order to film the documentary 'The Day Dinosaurs Die', Ben Gordon is studying the huge crater that remains in the Caribbean with scientists.

His research team claimed that the asteroid rushed to the worst place on earth.

According to Dogg Road, the crash site at that time was covered by shallow water, and there was soil saturated with mineral gypsum. The asteroid collided with it, and a huge amount of sulfur was released into the atmosphere, which made the ice age longer.

The researchers speculated that many species would have survived if the asteroid collided with something other than the Caribbean.

"This is where the Caribbean Sea has been unexpectedly developed. It is a place to explain the size of an asteroid and the size of the explosion, as well as why the dinosaurs were extinct. "

"The impact on the nearby Atlantic or Pacific oceans means that there are far fewer vaporized rocks containing life-threatening gypsum. At that time there would be few clouds and plenty of sunshine. But in the cold weather after a meteorite collision, the dinosaurs were depleted of food on the ground within a week and went to the sea, and there was little chance of survival because there was nothing to eat anywhere on Earth. "

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