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Intuitive thinking is the ability to skip logical reasoning and present immediate answers to problems. An intuitive person is good at predicting what will happen and has good insight into the situation of others and situations.

According to recent studies, children with intuitive thoughts are empathic, mentally stable, and sensitive to ambient energy. Intuitive children tend to be positive and open because they are active.

There may be a degree of difference, but intuition can be strengthened or developed through hard work.

Characteristics of intuitive kids

Katherine Crawford psychotherapist studied the characteristics of intuitive children. An intuitive child captures the mood or feelings of others. It is also possible to visualize something in advance before it actually happens.

A highly intuitive child has an insight that he may notice that a younger sibling is needed. It is disturbed in places with many people or noisy, but it restores only for a while. Also, when a shocking event occurs, you may feel the tension or express it as a picture.

Empathy ability and intuition that are natural qualities

Jacob Lieberman said, "The best way to protect a child's insight is to let him see it from a child's perspective, not from a parent's perspective."

"Empathy and intuition are very useful tools that children can use while they are alive," said Crawford. "Children's intuition can be a source of personal life direction, imagination, creativity and meaning."

Ability to bring understanding, sympathy, kindness

Children's intuition functions as a personal security system and decision-making tool. Empathy also helps people understand the lives of others and deeply feel others' feelings. These abilities are accompanied by comprehension, compassion, and kindness. This helps build a successful relationship with others.

How to grow as an intuitive child

The daily newspaper Niagara Gadget covered an article that says that parents should keep their child's bedroom blurred in order to raise an intuitive child. She also explained that she should speak in a soft, friendly voice and massage her head, back, legs and arms to relieve the child's tension.

You should also walk the children and forests and teach them to use all the senses. It is also a way to sit down with your eyes closed in a quiet place and take a slow breath.

It is good to join a related organization or center. You can also join a spiritual center that teaches you how to develop intuition that fits your child's age and how to deal with energy.

Listen without bias

Listening to your child's words without prejudice can also help to raise children with intuitive thoughts. Parents should refrain from believing what their child says and disregarding their imagination.

It is also necessary to show how to engage and meditate in creative activities to cultivate your child's talents.

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