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[Health] diarrhea with abdominal pain, good food and prevention … ‘Food that is good for diarrhea and tea after fruit’


Diarrhea caused by excessive water intake or stress

Diarrhea refers to the phenomenon of thinning of the mutation, which is caused by abnormalities of the digestive system. The causes of diarrhea are as follows: diarrhea can not be removed smoothly from the stomach, excessive water intake and stress can be caused by a variety of causes, adult cases of chronic diarrhea lasting more than two weeks, In the cases below that, acute diarrhea is called. Treatment of diarrhea can be done by correcting the water and electrolytes abnormality, by administering the symptomatic treatment, and by treating the cause of the diarrhea.

Food that is bad for diarrhea and good after eating diarrhea

In general, diarrhea is generally associated with greasy foods or alcoholic beverages. Especially, drinking a lot of alcohol often causes acute diarrhea. Diarrhea can also occur due to extreme stress, and in severe cases it can lead to enteritis. Therefore, when eating diarrhea, avoid fatty foods as much as possible and do not drink alcohol. Diet-friendly foods vary in variety, and grapes are considered to be particularly good for diarrhea. Grapes are rich in sugar, good for restoring fatigue, rich in vitamins, and smooth metabolism. In addition, plums are good for stomach and diarrhea, and peaches show immunity and detoxification.

Blueberry efficacy known as good fruit for diarrhea

Blueberries are a good car for diarrhea, and blueberries are good for eyes, and they have excellent hansan firepower, which helps prevent aging. They are made by tea or blueberries, and they are made into juice, which makes the body metabolism smooth, and it is very effective for diarrhea and abdominal pain. However, eating a lot of blueberries can cause a lot of sugar and cause obesity.

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