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[Health] My right side hurts … Do I have appendicitis? Early symptoms of appendicitis · Cause · Location of cecum · Treatment method


Appendicitis is a well-known disease for the public, but the early symptoms of appendicitis are often mistaken for mere indigestion and are not treated on time. Appendicitis If you do not notice the initial symptoms, the cecum can burst from your stomach and cause complications. This is the reason why you should suspect appendicitis if you pick the right side or stomach. Let's look at the initial symptoms, causes and treatment methods of appendicitis.

Early symptoms of appendicitis

The most common symptom of appendicitis is 'right lower back pain'. If your right side is achy and your right belly is cocky, you should suspect appendicitis. However, it is difficult to judge appendicitis by abdominal pain. For men, if there is pain in the left lower abdomen, it may be a urinary stone. In women, the cause of right lower back pain is not an appendicitis but an ovarian-related disease. If the pain in the right abdomen or side is not moving and you continue to be sick or have an appetite, cheer, nausea, or vomiting, you should suspect appendicitis.

Appendix location

Because men and women have different appendiceal locations, there are cases where the initial symptoms of appendicitis may appear differently. However, the appendix of the man and the woman are equally near the right lower abdomen.

Causes of appendicitis, treatment method

Appendicitis is caused by bacterial infiltration into the cecum and obstruction of the appendix. If the appendix is ​​blocked, the inside of the cecum is filled with germs and toxins, losing the inner mucous membrane of the cecum and inflammation. In severe cases, the cecum can burst from the stomach and the pus may come out. Appendicitis If you have early symptoms, it is wise to suspect appendicitis and get it to the hospital. In some cases, the operation of the appendix is ​​delayed because of fear of appendectomy or difficulty in appendectomy on the same day. Nowadays, the laparotomy can be done by a laparoscopic surgery with a small hole in the navel. The operation time is about 10 minutes, so it is possible to have an appendectomy and discharge on the day.

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